Ice Lady

A pure Afghan is crossed with a Skunk, Shiva and Northern Lights to get an Indica Crystal Extreme, also known as Ice Lady plant, which is completely wrapped in resin glands. The buds generated by this wonderful hybrid were so sparkling and so frosty that no name appeared more appealing than Ice Lady.

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Ever wondered, what might come off from crossing four killer cannabis strains: Northern Light, Skunk, Shiva and Afghani? That is how the Indica Crystal Extreme was born - a true Ice Lady, head to toe meant to give you pleasure and the highest quality resin. Once the buds were all covered in glittering, frosty crystals, we had no choice but to call it the Ice Lady. Definitely Zambeza Seeds  number one in the line of feminised seeds for hash lovers.

Like her ancestors, our feminised Ice Lady is an Indica dominant plant. Grown indoors it reaches just 50-60 cm height. Despite the modest size, it can return a decent yield. Using common cannabis cultivation techniques such as topping and pinching, it can be made stretch a lot, resulting in a nice bushy plant. You will quickly notice the typical Indica characteristics, such as huge fat leaves. Removing some of those close to the top might allow the lower branches to develop quickly.

At 35-45 g per plant the Ice Lady is not exactly the highest yielding strain. A 600W one square meter box will produce between 350 and 450 g.

Zambeza Seeds feminised Ice Lady flowering period is between 8 and 9 weeks -waiting the extra week significantly increases the resin content and is surely worth waiting. The sheer beauty of watching it flower makes it easier to endure that additional week. With the display of glittering resin particles, it is a pure pleasure to look at - definitely one of the most beautiful cannabis varieties.

The quality of our feminised Ice Lady smoke makes up for what she lacks in terms of yield. Being a clear Indica, its crystal covered buds produce a strong physical effect, leaving you stoned. Average high levels of CBD and THC make it a great selection for those couch lovers, leading to a chillout, relaxed state of mind. Best used in the evenings, before going to bed.

Ice-o-lator, Buddha, Ear wax and many others are no strangers to the Zambeza Seeds feminised Ice Lady. It is clearly the ultimate choice for hash connoisseurs, as the bits and pieces of the plant can be used to produce the highest quality stuff. You  will not find a better choice for making hashish, than our Ice Lady.

Ice Lady cannabis seeds
  • Flowering time 8-9 weeks
  • CBD Average High
  • Genetics Afghani x Northern Light x Super Skunk x Shiva
  • THC Average High
  • Effect Physical
  • Height 50-60 cm
  • Yield Medium

    By tracey C. on 21/Aug/2014 :

    Title : MY ICE LADY.
    Comment : ICE LADY is a good strain to grow, strong stocky resilient indica dominant, odour was typical skunky in mid-late flower, flowers quickly with dense and very resinous buds with a musky hashy taste, taste good in bong or joint and hits hard with relaxing couch-lock effects.. yield was good at 30g of solid sticky buds that are a pleasure to grow and smoke.. highly recommended for a potent dense fast flowering indica.. reminds me of White Widow x Big Bud.. will defo buy again, solid genetics and high quality yields..

    By Seth M. on 22/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Ice, Ice Baby!
    Comment : This plant performed as described. We got a great yield and our customers rave over the end cannabis product. We did pinch to accomplish the bushing effect and this greatly increased our harvest. We did wait the extra week before harvest, which did prove to be a great choice. The plants grew fast and healthy. Thanks for the quality merchandise. Our customers are coming back for more! We will be placing another order soon!

    By David A. on 01/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Ice Lady
    Comment : A perfect combination of Afghan, Northern Lights, Skunk, and Shiva; Ice Lady provides an excellent option for professional growers wishing to produce a decent yield, without sacrificing aroma and THC quality. Yielding about 35-45 grams per plant, after about eight weeks, this may not be the highest yielding strain, but the quality of crystals and resin in addition to the strong, skunky flavor, make this a favorite among most cannabis users. Using more experienced methods, namely hydroponics, can greatly increase the yield, while maintaining the same great quality. Since Ice Lady is Indica dominant, it makes an excellent choice for all growing methods, indoor and out.

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Genetics - Ice Lady

To create Ice Lady we have used the following genetics:



Afghani is a pure indica coming from the high mountains of the Mazar i Sharif regio in Afghanistan. More info


Northern Lights is a strain created in the eighties and has been a classic ever since. Definitely an all-time favorite. More info


Super Skunk is one of the most famous strains in the world. It’s a great hybrid between Skunk #1 and Afghani. More info


Named after the Hindu god Shiva, this is one of the most powerful and potent indica strains ever created. More info

Used genetics in our crossings

In our Zambeza crossings we use a lot of different cannabis genetics, including the famous White Widow, Northern Lights, Jack Herer, Amnesia, Blueberry, Big Bud and more. Find out what these genetics stand for and their extensive background. More info about all the cannabis genetics we have used.


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