Crystal Silver Haze

From the time when two brothers began breeding Sativas from around the world in the 1970s, smokers of cannabis have been really thankful for the existence of a kind of plant known as Haze. At first, the plant was the result of years of breeding many thousands of seeds from Mexico, Colombia, South India and Thailand.

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Haze has captured the minds of marijuana users all the way back since the 70s, when a couple of brothers went on crossing every possible Sativa plant they could lay their hands on, coming from all corners of the planet. The strain was a climax of many years of their work, cross-breeding varieties from Southern India, Mexico, Colombia and Thailand, all numbering in thousands of seeds. From this melting pot of world cannabis genetics, it ended up in the Netherlands, where it went on through another rounds of hybrydisation. What resulted from this long relationship between man and the plant, became the culmination of today's Sativa.

When it arrived in Europe, it was together with the skunk strains that later became the legend of its own. What the local breeders wanted to achieve, was capturing the sweetness and the pleasant effect of Haze with a shorter flowering period of a typical Indica. By merging the genetics of Super Skunk, Northern Light and the classical Haze, a pair of Dutchmen created the Crystal Silver Haze.

After many seasons of further hybridising and spreading, the Crystal Silver Haze variety found its way to the catalogue of feminized seeds at Zambeza, instantly becoming one of our top strains. This short plant achieves just 70-80 cm height if cultivated indoors. However if grown outdoors, given enough sunlight (greenhouses will work great), it could easily reach more than 2 meters high.

Feminised Crystal Silver Haze from Zambeza Seeds yields 35-45 g per plant on average, which is almost half a kilo from a 600 W square meter. Unusually short for a haze variety, it needs just 9-10 weeks of flowering before achieving maturity. There is only a handful of haze strains that could develop the characteristic high, its taste and sweetness in less than 10 weeks. We proud ourselves that our Crystal Silver Haze is among them.

Very rich in THC and CBD, smoking Crystal Silver Haze is a pure pleasure. Connoisseurs adore the instant effect that brings an extreme high straight after the hit from a bong or a puff from a joint. Reaching directly to the abyss of your thoughts, it will take you to the real mind haze. All the blissful mind effect is further sweetened by the pleasant taste that makes you salivate on the very thought of it.

Crystal Silver Haze cannabis seeds

  • Flowering time 9-10 weeks
  • CBD Extremely high
  • Genetics Super Skunk x Northern Light x Super Silver Haze
  • THC Extremely High
  • Effect Extreme high
  • Height 70-80 cm
  • Yield Medium

    By Thiery B. on 22/Oct/2013 :

    Title : mon favorite!
    Comment : Nous sommes en train d'élargir notre gamme de variétés de cannabis et nous sommes très satisfaits de la qualité de vos produits. La commande est facile et l'expédition rapide. Les plants ont poussé comme dans la description. L'effet est très apprécié de nos clients dès leur première bouffée. Cette variété va devenir la favorite de nos cultivateurs et fumeurs. Nous sommes impatients d'ajouter plus de variétés avec votre superbe sélection. Merci pour la qualité de vos produits et de votre service.

    By Raul T. on 01/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Crystal Silver Haze
    Comment : La Cannabis divenne popolare a partire dagli anni '70 e fu proprio in quegli anni che la Crystal Silver Haze vide la luce. Di pura razza Haze, questa varietà è famosa per produrre cime di qualità superiore, con un livello di THC abbastanza elevato da essere usata anche per scopi medici. Il lato migliore di questa particolare varietà è che si sviluppa in sole 8 settimane, riducendo il ciclo produttivo notevolmente dalle classiche quattordici settimane. Dopo questo periodo, i coltivatori potranno aspettarsi rese eccellenti di circa 35-45 grammi per pianta. Si tratta di una pianta molto versatile che offre ai suoi consumatori un 'high' forte che li rispedirà indietro negli anni '70.

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Genetics - Crystal Silver Haze

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