Critical Pride

A lot of requirements should be fulfilled when it comes to making a decision about which strain to grow. These requirements include strength, flavour, yield, ease of growth, adaptability to the climate etc. There’s a marijuana plant that attempts to gather all these requirements in the right balance to create the final cash crop.

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When deciding on a strain one plans to grow, there is always a number of things that has to be taken into consideration. Yield and strength are the obvious ones, but equally important are the taste and aroma, as well as required conditions, whether a specific variety is easy or more difficult to grow, etc. For those that do not take a compromise as an answer, there is only one cannabis strain that could fulfill their needs. While providing large yields, Critical Pride still ensures short flowering period and pleasant experience while smoking. It is mainly designed as a cash crop, especially recommended for growers that "want it all, and want it now".

Critical Pride from Zambeza Seeds originated as a cross between Afghani, Skunk and Critical. This Indica dominant plant grows very low, reaching just 45-50cm when mature. Despite the small size, the dense internode spacing guarantees high yields, as these become fully grown buds. A perfect choice for home growers with limited space, wishing to keep a low profile.

Kept indoor, one sq meter box kept under a 600 W light would effortlessly yield 600 gram, averaging 45-55 per plant. Under the good weather conditions, the outdoor Critical Pride grower can expect at least 100 g apiece. Short flowering period makes it suitable for outdoor cultivation even in the northern countries.

If time is your priority, no other variety will yield you as much within 7 weeks as our feminised Critical Pride. Professional growers value the ease of using it for SOG and ScrOG techniques, which produces high quantities of quality buds without the need for much maintenance. Best choice for impatient marijuana lovers with little time to spare.

Quantity is not everything, though. No real connoisseur would be pleased with his crop, if it would not provide the desired mind effect. We are pleased to guarantee, that while providing high yields, Critical Pride, with its average high levels of THC and CBD, will make you physically and mentally stoned.

Critical Pride cannabis seeds

  • Flowering time 7 weeks
  • CBD Average High
  • Genetics Afghani x Super Skunk x Critical
  • THC Average High
  • Effect Physical and Mental Stoned
  • Height 45-50 cm
  • Yield Large

    By Jacob Y. on 23/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Excellent!
    Comment : We are home growers for personal use cannabis. These seeds are perfect. As we grow for personal use, they are fast producers. Not only are they fast, but the harvest is plentiful. We were looking for a short grow time, large quantity, and great buzz. This is perfect. Although growing this variety of cannabis will not make us large ordering customers, we will be purchasing from you again. Thanks for your great products.

    By Daniel B. on 11/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Critical Pride
    Comment : Wer auf der Suche nach einer robusten Pflanze ist, die in jedem Umfeld gedeihen kann, sollte Critical Pride in Betracht ziehen. Diese Pflanze gedeiht prima im Zuchtraum und im Freien und ist für Anfänger und Experten geeignet. Das Aroma ist eine überwältigende Kombination aus Obst und Skunk und die Wirkung, die sie auslöst, wenn sie geraucht wird, ist ein sehr angenehmer zerebraler und physischer Rausch. Diese Sorte kann 45-55 Gramm pro Pflanze mit heftigem THC Gehalt einbringen.

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Genetics - Critical Pride

To create Critical Pride we have used the following genetics:


Afghani is a pure indica coming from the high mountains of the Mazar i Sharif regio in Afghanistan. More info


Super Skunk is one of the most famous strains in the world. It’s a great hybrid between Skunk #1 and and Afghani. More info


Critical is a cannabis strain made with the commercial cultivator in mind. It is named after the intense quantity of its yields. More info


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