Critical Dream Automatic

Critical Dream is among the most popular strains we have. Critical Dream has won a number of awards in Spain and is famous among commercial growers worldwide because of its large yield as well as strong growth.

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The fast growing, high yielding and strong Critical Dream has been one of the bestsellers at Zambeza Seeds. A first choice among the commercial growers looking for a cash crop, and a decent one too - it has been recognised by winning a few awards in Spain.

While working on the Critical Dream, we wanted to achieve exactly the same sort of variety, with one big difference - we managed to made it an autoflowering strain, making it much easier to grow. With our Critical Dream you do not need to spend time and space on the male plants - all our seeds are feminised, thus giving you a guarantee that 100% of the seeds will germinate and develop into a fully grown females. From planting the seed, you will need to wait just 8 to 9 weeks for harvest.

Zambeza Seeds autoflowering Critical Dream is a result of crossing the usual Indica and Sativa strains with Ruderalis ones. Apart from the ruderalis, this particular strain has the genetics of Critical and Big Bud. It produces a sturdy cannabis plant which shows its Indica heritage in heavy, juicy buds, and the relaxing effect typical to the Critical Pride.

Autoflowering Critical Dream grows approximately 70-80cm tall. The relatively small size - a usual thing among most of the autoflowering varieties - it will grow in a way that allows light to reach all parts of the bush. Being fully exposed to the sun allows the plant to produce rather good yields of around 50-60 g.

The smoke of our autoflowering Critical Dream contains average levels of THC and CBD. The firm buds will produce a sweet flavour, typical to skunk strains. While enjoying the full taste and aroma, in no time you will drift towards more and more relaxed state of mind...

Critical Dream Automatic cannabis seeds


  • Flowering time 8-9 weeks
  • CBD Average
  • Genetics Ruderalis x Critical x Big Bud
  • THC Average
  • Effect Relaxed and full of flavor
  • Height 70-80 cm
  • Yield Extra Large

    By Stuart R. on 17/Nov/2014 :

    Title : critical dream
    Comment : I grew this from seed to flower and it just amazes me how autos can produce super dense late buds glistening with trichomes just by using good soil and nutes I changed to orgaic soil & nutes on this round and I'm never going back I had a mosterous main cola with nice chunky ones all way to bottom even the smaller buds were rock hard and glistening super relaxed high quite buzzy nice flavor too..

    By Tim G. on 22/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Critical Automatic Dream
    Comment : Wir können gar nicht genug tolle Sachen über die selbstblühenden Cannabis Pflanzen berichten! Sie sind perfekt für unser Geschäft, da unsere Kunden ihren Stoff auf Anfrage haben wollen. Sie wollen ihren Rausch und sie wollen ihn sofort. Es ist wichtig, daß unsere Pflanzen schnell abliefern und einen echten Qualitätsrausch auslösen. Critical Dream gibt uns genau das. Die Dauer des entspannenden Kicks ist genau das, was die Kunden wollen. Vielen Dank für Eure tolle Auswahl.

    By Prudenzio C. on 22/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Critical Dream
    Comment : L'aspetto unico della Critical Dream la rende una scelta divertente per chi voglia coltivare una pianta particolare dal raccolto più che apprezzabile. Questa varietà stabile non cresce compatta e cespugliosa come altre, permettendo alla luce di raggiungere più facilmente l'intera pianta, dalla cima alla base. Il suo aspetto le permette di produrre fino a 60 grammi per pianta con cime di ottima qualità, dal profumo fruttato e ricoperte di resina. Questa pianta è adatta ai principianti non solo grazie alla sua proprietà autofiorente, ma anche per la sua naturale resistenza ai parassiti e alle malattie: è robusta e richiede poca manutenzione.

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Genetics - Critical Dream Automatic

To create Critical Dream Automatic we have used the following genetics:


Cannabis ruderalis is the sister of Cannabis sativa and indica. Ruderalis is known for its autoflowering capability. More info


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