AK Passion Automatic

Being a classic strain of cannabis, AK47 is originally a hybrid of Mexican, Columbian, Afghani and Thai. AK47 is popular for its good yields as well as heavy-hitting effects. This is why this mostly sativa strain has won many awards over the years.

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Few cannabis varieties are better known than the classical AK47, originally hybridised from various seeds coming from Thailand, Afghanistan, Colombia and Mexico. It is widely recognised and respected for its high yields and strong head high. The uniqueness of the strain made it a repeated winner of numerous awards for best marijuana – a distinction well deserved.

Thanks to Zambeza Seeds, you can now get all the power and pleasure of  growing your own AK47 hybrid without much hassle. Crossing  Cannabis Ruderalis and Amnesia with the original AK47, we have managed to achieve the autoflowering AK Passion. It retains all what the classical AK47 was famous for - its powerful resin coated buds, sweet hot taste and most of all the power within. Our autoflowering hybrid has also the same miraculous aroma, slightly reminiscent of musk.

Similar to the original, our autoflowering AK Passion will make you feel the happy and energetic high. At the same time, the active experience can to some extent be mixed with a slight body stone. The smoke is equally powerful yet smooth and delicate, with average high content of both THC and CBD. Where our AK Passion differs from the AK47 is the ease of growth - it can be harvested just 9-10 weeks after the seed is put in the ground, allowing the grower to enjoy this legendary cannabis without any unnecessary delay.

The plant stays rather low, usually reaching 80-100 cm height, which makes it suitable for cultivation wherever you feel like it. Despite its modest size, the autoflowering AK Passion will yield between 90 and 110 g per plant if taken care of properly. To make the growing as straightforward as possible, AK Passion seeds (like all Zambeza Seeds cannabis strains) are feminised, leaving out the need of eliminating male plants.

AK Passion Automatic cannabis seeds

  • Flowering time 9-10 weeks
  • CBD Average High
  • Genetics Ruderalis x AK 47 x Amnesia
  • THC Average High
  • Effect Happy and active
  • Height 80-100 cm
  • Yield Extra Extra Large

    By Stuart R. on 17/Nov/2014 :

    Title : Ak Passion
    Comment : What to say about this I grew it from seed and again I have zero complaints from ts grew quite fast and the end result was very good indeed it finished by week 9 but as usual I took it to 10 end result super heavy hitter great for pain and to help you to sleep..

    By Danilo R. on 21/Aug/2014 :

    Title : AK Passion
    Comment : Sehr Geil das pflänzchen kann ich nur weiterempfehlen. Sehr robust gegen überdüngung und kälte zu Ungeziefer kann ich nix sagen. Von meiner Seite sehr zu empfehlen.

    By Giorgio P. on 23/Oct/2013 :

    Title : AK Passion Automatica
    Comment : Diciamo SI` alle piante autofiorenti di Cannabis! Crescono in fretta e producono parecchia erba di ottima qualità. Possiamo capire perché questa sia una varietà pluripremiata. L'effetto cerebrale è conosciuto fra i nostri clienti abituali, e i vostri semi ci hanno permesso di rifornirli. Effettuare l'ordine è stato semplice e la spedizione veloce. Grazie da un altro cliente soddisfatto. Torneremo ad ordinare ancora!

    By Belle M. on 22/Oct/2013 :

    Title : AK Passion
    Comment : Les cultivateurs de cannabis ont toujours adoré la variété AK47, mais ses limitations de culture rendent difficile l'obtention de produits de qualité pour les moins expérimentés. Voici AK Passion, un hybride conçu avec AK47 à l'esprit, mais sans les ennuis. Cette variété auto-fleurissante peut être cultivée en intérieur comme en extérieur et elle produit jusqu'à 110 grammes par plante. Son fort arôme et son parfum fumé en font un choix préférentiel parmi des cultivateurs du monde entier.

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Genetics - AK Passion Automatic

To create AK Passion Automatic we have used the following genetics:


Cannabis ruderalis is the sister of Cannabis sativa and indica. Ruderalis is known for its autoflowering capability. More info


AK-47 is one of the most renowned contemporary strains of this age. A real one-hit wonder. Winner of many cannabis cups. More info


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