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Terms & Conditions

Please note: This website is meant to be used only by adults of at least 18 years old!

Our company specialises in the supply of high quality cannabis seeds for medical purposes.

The 1961 United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, as well as other multinational treaties on the cross-border trade of listed substances, explicitly excludes the trade, import, export and stocking of cannabis seeds. Moreover, many countries in the world, including the Netherlands, states it clearly in its national penal code (Opium Act, Narcotic Act etc).


The precise regulation regarding cannabis seeds vary, however, from country to country, even within the European Union. In order to ensure the smooth transaction and little future difficulties and possible harassment, we strongly recommend checking on the national status quo before making any purchase.

In a number of countries and provinces, some sort of exemption could be granted for the medical and/or industrial purposes. Many countries simply does not impose any sort of license or permit for cannabis seeds trade. There is also a group of countries that require different types of proofs and declarations, that the imported seeds are indeed for medical use - if that is the case in your country, make sure to let us and the appropriate authorities know in advance.

Some countries go as far as denying its citizen the right to grow cannabis even for medical and industrial use. In our company we believe, that the clear evidence of the beneficial effect that cannabis provides in a number of ills, that no local or national body has the authority to forbid one the access to the medicine. Nonetheless we cannot accept any liability for potential violation of law by our customers. Each and every person making purchases on our website is solely responsible for his or her action, and should judge all the risks in advance.

We also ask our customers to comply with a necessary list of precautionary measures:
The distribution of our cannabis seeds to regions and countries, where either sale or even possession of cannabis seeds is prohibited. These include, among others, the United States of America, Australia, Luxembourg, Norway, number of Asian countries and any other region, where it constitutes an illegal act. Please germinate our seeds only in those parts of the world where the sprouting cannabis seed does not violate any local law.

The company has the right to change prices without previous notice.