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Autoflowering Bundle Pack

Autoflowering Bundle Pack
Are you fed up with difficult light schedules? Our autoflowering bundle has some very potent seeds, and they don't require a light schedule! Plus it's got all the essentials you need to keep your plants happy, healthy and thriving starting from seed all the way through to flower.

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Forget About Tricky Light Schedules and Stocking Up On Growing Supplies, Our Autoflower Bundle Pack Will Tick All The Boxes!

Get your hands on our Autoflowering Bundle Pack, it's got everything you need to get your plants off to a great start and keep them healthy all the way up to flowering. The autoflowering seeds in this pack mean you don't need to worry about difficult light schedules. Use this pack to enjoy a truly hassle-free growing experience.

This is our Autoflowering pack which takes away the need for tricky light schedules and it contains:

Big Bud XXL Autoflowering (3 seeds)

A powerfully tasty and stable Autoflower strain from the famed OG Kush. A high yielding and potent indica that's super easy to grow, even novices can expect some serious OG Kush goodness.

Zambeza Seedkit

Dissolve the Zambeza Supremix in a litre of water and soak the pots with it. Drain off any excess and plant a seed in each hole 5-10mm deep. It's simple as that, and the tray fits perfectly into the Micro Propagator!

Micro Propagator

Our useful propagator has a buil-in LED light, perlite and a thermometer so that you can easily provide the best conditions to germinate your seeds.With this propagator you can provide consistent, regulated conditions for optimum results. Perfect for small-grows and beginners.

Vertafort 100g

No need for confusing nutrient schedules, Vertafort is packed with time-release technology to feed your plant and keep it strong and healthy for 10-12 weeks. It's completely natural and organic and can boost the growth rate of your plants with very little effort. Simply mix the Vertafort substrate and watch your plant thrive!

2x Vertafort Booster Tablets Mix Pack 3

Use this growth booster to get the best nutrient intake throughout your vegetative phase, these booster tablets contain an integrated set of boosters to provide all of the necessary macro and microelements. All the nutrients your plant needs for a hefty harvest!

Vertafort Booster Tablets Mix Pack is an integrated set of boosters. Its growth and flowering formulas are designed to provide all macro and microelements plants need to stay healthy up to a rich harvest. Start with the Growth Booster for an optimal nutrient intake all over the vegetative phase. Then water your plants with the Bloom Booster mix for maximizing buds density in the flowering phase.

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