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CBD Oil 4% 30ml

CBD Oil 4% 30ml
Zambeza Seeds are pioneers of the finest CBD oils available. Produced using organic EU hemp and a rigorous extraction and testing process, we can guarantee each and every 30ml bottle is measured precisely at 4%, 100% natural and completely free from any chemicals or unwanted psychoactive effects.

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Zambeza Seeds 30ml CBD Oil 4%: Natural, with quality gaurenteed from bottle to bottle

Using the latest technologies and extraction techniques, we are able to provide a CBD oil that is non-psychoactive and contains a rich spectrum of naturally occurring terpenes, making it a highly efficient dietary supplement that retains a palatable taste and aroma.

The purification process we undertake adheres to strict testing and all of the rules and regulations that are required, from start to finish. This ensures there is no contamination in the hemp or CBD oil, such as chemicals or heavy metals, and also equally guarantees the removal of any impurities such as plant matter, chlorophyll and waxes. As a customer, you can be sure that using our 4% oil is effective as it gets when taken as a dietary supplement for this reason.

We have developed a dedicated production process so that we can offer a perfected, high concentration CBD oil with the precisely measured purity of 4% from bottle to bottle. Our clean extraction process means we can remove all impurities whilst retaining CBD and other essential cannabinoids. Described as "The Entourage Effect", we choose to keep some of the extra cannabinoids found in the hemp as we believe the symbiotic relationship of cannabinoids when consumed together greatly improves the efficacy of CBD. Our 4% CBD oils are fully decarboxylated, which also turns the inactive CBDa acid precursor into CBD.

All of our oils are discreet and easy-to-use, provided in a dropper bottle so that you can get an even and consistent dose every time without any trouble. We would recommend a dose of 3-4 drops, 3 times per day taken with food, drink or simply dropped under the tongue. As you become more familiar with the effects and benefits of taking your CBD oil, you can alter the dosage as required. Since our oils are entirely free from any additives, including preservatives, we would recommend that your oil is best preserved in a cool and dark place such as your refrigerator.

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