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CBD Oil 2.5% 50ml

CBD Oil 2.5% 50ml
2.5% (50ml) CBD oil is our largest bottle, packed with a mild dose of CBD. For customers looking to save time and money ordering CBD oil, the 50ml bottle provides all the CBD you need to dose regularly over a long period of time. Zambeza CBD is safe to carry and legal in most countries - what’s more, our oil contains no psychoactive cannabinoids, so you can dose with peace of mind.

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Zambeza Seeds Oil 2.5%: Clean, Pure and Potent CBD

As more CBD oils become available across the EU market, Zambeza will continue to uphold the gold standard for the finest quality products. Our 2.5% 50ml CBD oil starts out as organically grown fibre hemp. We take great measures to ensure that no fungicides, herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used at any point throughout cultivation. As such, our final product features the power of CBD, without any additives.


In order to transfer CBD and other therapeutic cannabinoids from hemp flowers to packaged bottles, the plant matter must first go through extraction. There are several methods for this procedure, most of which involve solvents. Zambeza CBD oils only undergo “clean” CO2 extractions.

While we take all precautions to harness as much CBD as possible, we make sure to isolate and remove the presence of any psychoactive cannabinoids. The result? Oils that are completely safe and won’t interrupt your ability to function normally.

Zambeza oils are unique as they are thoroughly purified to remove excess plant matter and contaminants. This culminates in golden oils that taste just as pure as they look. Some manufacturers skip the purification phase, selling oils that are variable in CBD concentration and liquid consistency - not to mention, they don’t taste as good!

At Zambeza, all of our oils retain even concentrations of cannabinoids from bottle to bottle. The oil itself flows consistently as a liquid and won’t clog up the bottle’s applicator.


One area of hemp science that researchers are increasingly interested in are terpenes. Found in many plant and animal species the world over, terpenes appear in high concentrations in hemp. These aromatic hydrocarbons are pleasant smelling, act as natural plant-protectors and are incredibly supportive to CBD’s overall potency.

We have developed a groundbreaking, proprietary method for preserving a rich spectrum of terpenes which would normally be destroyed during extraction. Knowing just how important it is that CBD works together with other plant compounds, Zambeza oils are enriched for maximum results.


Taking Zambeza 2.5% CBD oil is easy. In addition to our small and medium sized bottles, our large 50ml variety comes in handy dropper-bottle form, allowing for complete accuracy of dosing. Simply squeeze 3-4 drops under the tongue or atop meals 3 times a day. Keep the bottle away from sun, preferably in a cool place, such as a refrigerator.

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