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The Afghani strain of cannabis originates from Afghanistan and was first imported into Holland in the 1970's for some thorough breeding. It is another one of those fabled strains that still holds a massive influence in the breeding community to this day.

Afghani is a pure indica of the finest quality and is often found at the root of any connoisseur quality cannabis. It hails from the high mountain reaches of Afghanistan's Mazar i Sharif region where high altitudes, and cold, rugged mountain environments have molded this strain into a hardy and resilient plant that can bear the brunt of adverse weather and pest problems. This makes it a treat for us here at Zambeza to use as a base for breeding, allowing us to produce awesome strains like Northern Lights XL, that even the most green of cultivators can grow and enjoy – without sacrificing any of the great quality we expect from our strains.

The high produced by Afghani is one that has been famous the world over since its introduction into the mainstream of smokers in the 1970's. It is a heavy, hard hitting physical high that will knock you off your feet – it is so strong that the experience is almost narcotic. This makes it a choice perfect for us to use when we are looking to add a bit of a knock-out blow to our strains - such as Blueberry, where high THC and CBD levels come together to create an intense and complete mind and body experience.

This great strength makes Afghani, and strains with Afghani in, a first choice for a lot of medical users. The medicinal properties of Afghani allows for the effective treatment of Chronic pain, insomnia, stress and to a lesser extent, anxiety. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking to let go and relax – happily couch locked on the sofa or in the garden watching the world go by. Also a great choice for sharing with close friends and family, when not much need be said to enjoy and appreciate the company you are in.

Saying this, not all strains that contain Afghani will have you simply knocked out with your mind floating else where. With careful and precise breeding it can be crossed with other strains to produce a strong mind and body high – such as our Power Kush that will have you in a relaxed state of mind and body, chatting away with friends, contemplating life and all its hidden delights. What you can guarantee from any strain with Afghani in is a pure, unbridled strength.

A great choice for connoisseurs, Afghani has roots in some of our top quality products that are grown to be appreciated by those who truly know what to look for in a good weed. It is part of our connoisseur favorites White Cheese and Vanilla Ice, that are held in high regard by the elite of the smoking community for their sumptuous flavors and smells. It really adds an extra something special that is hard not to enjoy.

A pure Afghani often takes roughly 48-58 days of flowering and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However we have found that the highest yields come from a finely controlled indoor setting – and boy are those yields heavy!

Afghani is an all time classic that we love and cherish here at Zambeza, hopefully this explanation into its fine qualities will help you understand why it has become a hit the world over and as to why it can be found within the genetics of so many high quality strains out there. If you do not know the delights of Afghani and the strains that it has sired then we highly recommend you go out there and try it for yourself – you will soon see what we are talking about!