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All cannabis genetics used by Zambeza

To create all our different cannabis strains we have only used the best genetics we could find. Here below you can find a list with all the strains that are part of the genetics from our own cannabis seed collection:

Acapulco Gold
The origin of the name "Acapulco Gold" is controversially debated; some say it refers to its place of origin, Acapulco in Mexico, others claim it refers to the "golden" color of the buds and yet others say it is a reference to a "gold" standard of quality. It is a sativa dominant variety that is traditionally grown outdoors in hot climates, but it is suited for indoor growing as well. Acapulco Gold has a flowering time of 70-80 days and delivers harvests in the range of 500-600g/m². Read more

Afghani obviously originates from Afghanistan or, to be more precise, from the Mazar i Sharif region in the high mountain reaches of Afghanistan. The hard environment of its natural habitat made it grow into a highly resilient and resistant plant with a short flowering period of only 48-58 days. Being a pure Indica of finest quality it has the potential to nail your booty to your seating accommodation while gently lessening the burden of chronic pain. Read more

AK-47 is named after the infamous weapon and its sudden success as a fairly cheap, efficient and reliable option but don't be disheartened by the martial name. AK-47 boasts with high THC and CBD levels and induces a nicely balanced high consisting of a warm body relaxation and a clear head mind. After 53-63 days the grower is rewarded with 350-500g/m² of weed with a skunky aroma, with undertones of sandalwood and a floral and sweet taste. Read more

Amnesia is known for its extreme strength, the elevated, cerebral high and its potential to switch one's brain to idle - to a state of Amnesia. It is another classic strain with roots in California, where it saw the light of the world in the 1970s. Amnesia is a great yielder with results of up to 600g/m² but it calls for a patient grower due to its long flowering time. Read more

Big Bud
Big Bud fully lives up to its name and does what it should, it requires only 50-65 days to produce huge amounts of buds. The original Big Bud has its cradle in the USA, from where it was brought to The Netherlands in the late 1980s and was crossed with a Skunk #1. It is an Indica dominant strain, but the high won't knock you out, it is a mellow high with a slow onset, but long-lasting and pleasantly gentle. Read more

Big Devil 2
Big Devil 2 is the continued development of one of the best yielding autoflowering varieties and produces around 400-600g/m² with little to no effort. The highly resinous buds exude a strong and pungent skunk aroma and the smoke is smooth and has a delightful taste of Skunk with sweet and fruity undertones that linger on the tongue. Big Devil 2 is a true giant compared to other autoflowering strains, it can reach a height of 150cm and branches nicely. Read more

Blueberry is a variety with a long history, it was bred in the 1970s and is the primal mother of all the "blue" varieties available today. The plants develop beautiful blue and purple shades and buds with a strong fruity aroma and succulent fruity taste. Blueberry is an Indica dominant variety, but grows rather tall and delivers weed with a long-lasting and cerebral effect. Read more

BlueBlack is a rare heavy indica delight. This delicious hybrid of two legendary strains the Blueberry and the Black Domina is considered a precious commodity by stoners across the globe. Few cannabis strains are as sought after and as difficult to track down a stash. That is until now. The delights of the BlueBlack are no longer limited to elite well connected cannabis users. Once you go BlueBlack you never go back. Read more

Bubblegum allegedly roots in the late 1970s early 80s and is a multi-award winning strain with a dubious ancestry. It is known for its potency, the unique taste, the powerful, euphoric high and its pain-killing properties. A true and pure Bubblegum is characterized by the aroma and taste of old school bubblegum you know from way back in time. Read more

Cannabis Ruderalis
An often neglected cannabis subspecies because it is not known for its THC content, but it has other qualities that are often sought after by breeders. Adding Cannabis ruderalis genes to a strain usually creates an autoflowering version of that certain strain, which offers breeders a multitude of options. The Latin term "ruderal" means rubble and describes how easily a Ruderalis populates an inhospitable environment. Read more

Cheese is an unusual name for a cannabis strain, but in this case it fits like a glove - this multiple award-winning and legendary variety has a pungent aroma of ripe cheese. Cheese is a very good yielder with average harvests amounting to 450-550g/m² and boasts with quality weed that induces a nicely balanced mind and body high and has a cheesy taste with strong Skunk undertones when smoked. Depending on personal preferences the harvest can be brought in after 8-10 weeks. Read more

Rolling over like a dog and howling at the moon; that’s what Chemdawg is all about. Learn the story behind the ancestral gene that originates from an illicit purchase at a Rock concert. It’s a Rock 'n' Roll legend that will never die and shall remain in the ganja history books for centuries to come. If you find inspiration from the Diesel genetics, then you have to read this. So, Rock 'n' Roll that joint and brace yourself for a ride. Read more

Chocolate Haze
Chocolate Haze is not your average sativa strain. In fact our Chocolate Haze is a blast from the past with a difference. This is not just another reboot from the 1980’s. Blending the Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, we have successfully fused old-school chocolate Thai flavour with the mega potent soaring high from the Haze. Chocolate Haze is uplifting and absolutely delicious. Expect generous harvests from gargantuan plants in 8-10 weeks. Read more

Colombian Gold
Colombian Gold has the longest history of all known cannabis strains today; according to old records, Simón Bolívar (1783 – 1830) used it when he was trading herbs and spices with natives in the Amazon region in the early 1800s. It is a big plant with a vigorous growth and high resistance to mold and pests. Colombian Gold can produce up to 600g/m² and boasts with a THC level of roughly 19%. Read more

As we all know, cookies are an essential part of our lives, whether they’re infused with chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, we need them to exist. Of course, our love for cookies transcended into ganja genetics. A mix of several cannabis strains produced spectacular genes that led to the birth of Cookie genetics. Many great minds have immersed themselves into this strain, which has cemented its name in the cannabis culture for an eternity. Read more

Critical is the perfect choice for commercial growers; blending a strong Afghani with Skunk #1 resulted in a variety with seriously heavy yields - a strain that could be considered the successor of the Big Bud. This monster of yields has no pungent or overwhelming, but old school aroma and taste, that many long-standing users have grown to recognize and love. This little green beast requires only 45-55 days of flowering to develop up to 750g/m² in an indoor set-up. Read more

Critical + Auto
Critical+ Auto has been created by mating and exemplary specimen of Critical+ with a Ruderalis and the resulting autoflowering beauty possesses the same potential to produce high yields although it stays as small as 85cm. The Skunk part in her ancestry is characterized by the aroma and taste, which resemble a Skunk, but with added undertones of fruit flavors. Critical+ Auto requires 9-10 weeks to produce its highly resinous buds with a THC level of around 12% in the end product. Read more

Diesel is a high-powered beast that cemented its legacy in stone. The intriguing genetics were born in the city that never sleeps, New York City. If it wasn’t for "Chemdog", the Diesel would not exist on the ganja growers menu. Many Diesel varieties have been developed over the last 20 years. The genes come from different parts of the World. So power up and master the legendary origins of this menace, which gets people higher than the tallest skyscrapers. Read more

Dutch Amnesia Haze
Dutch Amnesia Haze is the outcome of crossing the well-known and acclaimed celebrities Amnesia, Super Skunk and Haze and is nothing less than a star. It has a very long flowering period of up to 12 weeks, but grown properly it rewards the grower with a yield of up to 600g/m² of highly potent weed. The name is a warning though, the smoke may have a fruity taste and refreshing aroma, but the induced high is highly psychedelic and excessive use can result in a blank-out. Read more

Fast Bud
Fast Bud is yet another classic variety with an occult genetic background; it is known Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis are present in the mix, but the only thing we know for sure is that Diesel plays a role in its ancestry. As the name suggests, this strain speeds through its life cycle and is ready for harvesting after only roughly 55 days after germination. Fast Bud plants exude a strong aroma and taste, exhibiting the Diesel heritage with sweet and exotic flavors. Read more

Green Poison
Green Poison fully lives up to its name, once in your blood, it creeps up to your brain and gives it a warm hug that sends signals down your spine and freezes the pain in your body, alleviates anxiety and helps find sleep. And not only the medicinal qualities are great, furthermore Green Poison boasts with a strong fruity and sweet fragrance and a smooth smoke with similar taste with spicy undertones, that will make you drool. Takes only 7 weeks of flowering and produces indoor yields of around 500-650g/m². Read more

Happy Skunk
Happy Skunk is based on long-standing work with a classical Skunk, a variety created by mingling various cannabis strains from Colombia, Afghanistan and Mexico. Happy Skunk is an easy to grow plant with little lateral branching that produces an enormous central bud and yields in the 500g/m² range. This jolly stinker requires only 7-9 weeks of flowering to produce its beautiful buds with a fruity, sweet taste and aroma. Read more

The mystique of paradise has been ingrained into the Hawaiian landrace genetics. For centuries, cannabis has been thriving there, providing locals with medicine and recreational smokes. The origins of the landrace strains is unknown, it’s merely speculated. Hawaii has a rich weed culture and a fantastic tropical environment for the ganja to thrive. Check out the tale of the Hawaiian landraces, and prepare to be awed. Read more

If you're a sativa enthusiast then you’re certainly aware of the notorious “Haze”. There is a story behind all strains, although this one has earned itself a legendary status. There are many Haze varieties which are enjoyed today, yet the euphoric sativa experience has delighted marijuana connoisseurs for decades. Are you ready for the legend? The myth behind the birth of “Haze”? Enter and explore the aura of the strain that will illuminate the corners of your mind. Read more

Ice was bred by very strict and selective crossing of two very prominent favorites on the market in The Netherlands in the 1990s. Red Skunk, a variety with high yields and a lack of quality and White, a low yielding strain with connoisseur qualities were blended in a way, that gave birth to a legendary strain with intense flavors to please the gourmets among stoners and heavy, densely covered with buds branches. Indoors, Ice requires roughly 8–10 weeks of flowering to produce a harvest of about 400g/m². Read more

Jack Herer
The original Jack Herer is a Sativa dominant hybrid named after the hemp advocate and cannabis legalization activist Jack Herer and was created by the Sensi Seed Bank in the Netherlands and released in 1995. It is made up of Skunk #1, Haze and Northern Lights #5 and has won 11 High Times Cannabis Cup awards in seven years. The dense buds have an aroma of spice and Skunk, combined with a touch of Haze and are covered with a frosty layer of resin. Read more

Kush is named after the Hindu Kush mountain range, that is located between central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. This area has been known for centuries for its hashish production, which means that years of natural and human selection of the most resinous indicas led to the creation of this strain. The first seeds of Kush were brought to Europe, US, and Canada during the 60's and early 70's and the rest is history. One of the most popular strains out there, sporting an intense earthy flavour coupled with a long-lasting couch-lock high and great medicinal properties. Read more

The startling range of modern cannabis strains are derived from a limited amount of landraces, that have been skilfully crossbred. Something exceptional happens when tropical landrace sativas are bred with mountainous landrace indicas. The idea being, that the offspring displays desired traits from both parents. The sativa THC content and cerebral effects with the shorter indica maturation times. The indica flower density with the sativa fecundity. The resulting offspring always displays more vigour than either parent stock, which is typical for hybrids. Several particularly infamous contemporary breeds were developed this way. Read more

Maple Leaf Indica
Maple Leaf Indica is true connoisseur cannabis based on vintage Afghan genetics that fled the Hindu Kush just prior to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Characterised by a rare blend of desirable traits, squat branchy stature, extra wide leaves, fast flowering, resin dripping buds and alluring aroma.This stocky indica packs a punch! Renowned for its powerful creeping couch-lock effect, which is usually initiated with a pleasant cerebral high. The Maple Leaf Indica is pure old-school fire! Easy to cultivate indoors, relatively low maintenance, perfect for SOG, and capable of producing 600g/m². Read more

Northern Lights
The original Northern lights sprang from the cradle way back in the 1970s, allegedly it saw the light of the world in or around California. Its genetic composition is in the dark, but it is believed that is was an almost pure Indica. Today's Northern Lights is a blend of Thai Sativa and the original Northern Lights Neville Schoenmaker, the original founder of Holland's first seed bank brought to The Netherlands in 1985. Read more

Pineapple is a rare exquisite sativa-dominant hybrid of landrace genetics from Jamaica. Its famous offspring, the Pineapple Express, has probably already caught your attention. Now it’s time for Pineapple to step into the spotlight and your garden. Unique tropical Pineapple flavour combined with an almost instant uplifting cerebral rush makes this strain a real treat for Haze aficionados and sativa connoisseurs. Dim the lights, turn up the reggae jams and enjoy some real vintage rasta ganja. Read more

Power Bud
South African Sativa and the classical Power Plant have been crossed in an attempt to rejuvenate the famous Power Plant and it was a full success! Power Bud is easy to grow, yields great harvests of 650g/m² and requires only 8-9 weeks of flowering to deliver. Back in the 1990s, the Power Plant was an instant hit when it was unleashed and Power Bud is determined to follow in her footsteps. Read more

Power Plant
Power Plant is made from South African genetics, it has never been hybridized, but solely selectively inbred. And yet it is not a 100% pure Sativa, but also contains about 12,5% Indica genes that make for extra fat buds. Right after it had been made available in the Netherlands, it experienced a very fast coffee shop career and became a big seller. Read more

Rude Bud Automatic
Rude Bud Automatic is a great choice for growers seeking to produce high quality marijuana without much hassle and care. Happy Skunk and Ruderalis have been crossed to create this sweet and strong autoflowering variety and the result is a plant with a life cycle of only 7-8 weeks from seedling to harvest. The smoke induces a strong, physical effect. Read more

Shiva has been named after the Hindu god and is often praised as one of the most potent and powerful Indica varieties ever created. Originating from Afghanistan, it was first cultivated at the Cannabis Castle in Holland during the 1980's and was an instant success. Smoking Shiva's weed triggers one of the most relaxing and dreamy experiences you will ever experience. Read more

Skunk, the legendary strain, that had been created back in the 1970s, is a true classic and among the most widely-known cannabis strains. In cannabis culture, Skunk has become a synonym for extraordinary stability and high potency. It is these qualities, along with her famed aroma and high yields, that make Skunk still a top choice among breeders for the creation of modern hybrids. Hundreds of today’s cannabis strains likely wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for this cannabis legend. Read more

South African Sativa
South African Sativa's place of origin is around the port city of Durban, a good starting point to start a triumphal march around the globe. Connoisseurs love it for the pleasant and smooth smoke and strong Sativa high and growers favor it for its reliable yields and resistance to pests and malnourishment. Delicious medicinal variety to effectively alleviate stress, anxiety and depression with earthy flavors and a citrus undertone. Read more

Super Silver Haze
Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze, three legendary cannabis strains boxed up in one. Super Silver Haze is many connoisseurs special treat because of the fruity aroma and the smooth smoke with a taste similar to peaches and cream. Perfect variety for a smoke in the morning when you need an extra boost of energy. Read more

Super Skunk
Super Skunk hit the market in 1990 and won the award for the best Indica dominant strain at the High Times Harvest Festival the same year. As the name suggests, this is a super strong and vigorous hybrid of an exemplary Skunk back-crossed with it's Afghani parents. Boasts with a pungent, penetrating aroma and delivers a hard-hitting high with a heavy and sweet taste. Read more

White Rhino
White Rhino is the beast of the White strains. This frosty white indica may be the lesser known relative of the White Widow, but to the illuminated White Rhino is the real heavy weight champion in the family. The harvest is not the only thing that’s heavy when it comes to the White Rhino; expect devastatingly potent buds high in THC, that will literally knock you out. Read more

White Widow
The primal mother of all members of the "White" family and a living legend developed in The Netherlands by an Australian seed breeder known as Shantibaba. White Widow is a beguiling lady with a fantastically sweet aroma and taste and a warm embrace that relaxes the body and brain. Named and famous for her enchanting dress of frosty buds and high potency. Read more