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Amnesia (Haze) is a sativa dominant hybrid that packs a powerful upper-cut punch. It originates from California, back in the 70's. It was then brought over to Holland by the Skunk Man and given to commercial growers so that it could be introduced to the market. It was incredibly popular and is still seen as a favorite in Dutch coffee shops.

Amnesia is known for its outrageously strong and soaring cerebral highs, just a few tokes will send you into outer space. If used in moderation it becomes a perfect way to relax and unwind with friends, it will make you very chatty and sociable. In excess it will turn off your mind completely, it is called amnesia for a reason and if it is not treated with respect than you may well end up forgetting the last few hours. This tends to make Amnesia and any of its childstrains very proficient at treating stress, anxiety and insomnia. There are not many issues that this strain cannot beat into submission.

A perfect example of Amnesia's awesome strength can be found in our own Amnesia Haze XL. It is a powerful strain that shares the same soaring psychedelic highs and abundant yields. It is a mix of Amnesia, Super Skunk and Haze – three bug names coming together in one unforgettable strain. This is one of the strongest strains in our catalog and should not be missed.

Amnesia is also a great yielder, it is a trait we have worked hard to introduce into many of our plants and Amnesia is a prime example of a strain that knows how to bear the weight of its fruit. Generally speaking the average yield is 50-60g per plant or 600g per meter square indoors under a 600W light. If grown outdoors the plants average about 200g per plant depending on weather condition. It should be noted that Amnesia can be quite vulnerable outdoors and requires special attention to keep it safe from pests and to make sure it is properly irrigated.

The one draw back of Amnesia is its long flowering times. You can expect to wait up to four months for proper fruition. This can often be the case with strains that have been sired by Amnesia as well, unless it has been specifically bred with other strains to grow faster. However, do not let this dishearten you. The wait is well worth it, there are few strains out there that offer up the same quality of cerebral high as an Amnesia and the end results will not disappoint. Like with anything worthy in life, you get out what you put in, and if you put the effort in with an Amnesia you vast rewards in return.

The taste of Amnesia Haze is out of this world. It has a heavy flavor in its smoke that expands as it hits the back of your throat, it is one for the connoisseurs and is one that you will remember.

Amnesia being a sativa dominant hybrid exhibits many of the physical traits you would expect. It grows tall, often reaching 1.2m. It has long but surprisingly wide leaves and a vibrant green hue that will lights up the grow room. Amnesia grows well in both soil and hydro setups and benefits from both Sea-of-Green and Screen-of-Green growing methods.

All of these fine traits have made Amnesia a great choice for our breeders and its traits can be found in some of our specially selected strains. It is definitely one for the connoisseurs or anyone who is happy to wait for something special. Amnesia strains can be that little something you have growing in your grow room, that one top-shelf strain that you nurture and save for special occasions. Trust us when we say it is well worth the effort.