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Critical is a cannabis strain made with the commercial cultivator in mind. It is named after the intense quantity of its yields – of which are so large it can barely support its own weight. It is a reworking, or second coming of the famous strain, Big Bud. Its heritage is made up of a heavy Afghan strain mixed with Skunk #1. This has resulted in a serious plant for serious growers.

It is not only the abundant yields that appeal to commercial cultivators, but also its equally desirable smoke, a smoke that can satisfy and is sought after by a large number of customers. Critical never disappoints, it has a powerful medicinal punch that can leave you out for the count. It is great for those who suffer from chronic pain or need a soft helping hand getting to sleep. In a large dosage this will easily get the user couch-locked. Critical is one that novice smokers can enjoy as long as self-control is exercised, if it is not then it will easily overwhelm. Whilst it is a great smoke for those in pain or sleep deprived, most people also report a feeling of elevated mood and creativity. It eases the body but does not clog up the mind. It is a great choice for relaxing in the garden or on the couch, or at the end of the day when you just want to kick back and let go of the days problems.

The properties of Critical are so potent that we have created 2 own strains from it – The first is Power Kush: a crossing between OG Kush and of course the Critical. This has become an impressive Indica dominant plant that grows very low, but still delivers very high yields.

With Critical we also created an autoflowering strain: Power Kush Autoflowering. This award winning strain grows with the same weight and vigor as Critical, an enhanced sweet taste and mind and body high that will leave you in the most ultimate of relaxed states. If you are looking for a strong, reliable strain with a powerful, all-rounded high, then this is the strain for you.

Critical has an old school smell and taste. A good earthy musk with zesty undertones. The aroma is not pungent or overwhelming, but it a classic that many have grown to recognize and love. The taste, much like the aroma is earthy and piney. Older smoker will reminisce about this flavor that is so typical of older strains.

Critical grows with strong indica like characteristics. It has thick, wide leaves and a very high flower to leaf ratio. Its branches become so laden with bud that most cultivators are required to offer structural support to the plants in its final stage, lest it snap under its own weight. It is an ultimate beauty for the commercial cultivator to behold. However, this over abundance of product can have its draw backs if the growing conditions are not monitored properly. Due to the vast quantities of flowers, Critical is prone to mold in high humidity settings – not really a problem for a commercial cultivator who has a good eye on their crop.

Another trait that has made critical one of the legendary cash-crops is its grow times. Not only does it deliver high volumes of high quality product, it does it in roughly 45-55 days. These three traits combined make it a force to be reckoned with and should make it obvious why so many breeders use it to produce their own strains. In terms of yield, Critical can deliver up to 750g/m2 in an indoor setting. It is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation and works well in both soil and hydro setups. If grown outdoors harvest time is normally around September in the Northern hemisphere and March/April in the Southern hemisphere – just make sure that if you are growing it, or any of its children, to watch the humidity!

As you can see, Critical brings many desirable traits to the table, especially for commercial cultivators. It is a pleasure to work with and we at Zambeza love it. We wholeheartedly recommend you try it (if you can find it), or any strains that have been created from it. It is an old school classic and is on many peoples top 10 must try lists.