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Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a much beloved sativa dominant hybrid. It is named after the real, late Jack Herer, author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” and renowned activist for the legalization and use of Cannabis. It is a fitting tribute, the Jack Herer strain has a reputation for strength and quality, winning multiple awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup over the last few years. It is such a high grade of cannabis that it is widely regards as one of the best medical strains available. Unfortunately, Jack passed away in 2010 due to complications stemming from a previous heart attack he had suffered – a loss that the worldwide cannabis community has felt a heartbreaking blow from. Jack would have been proud to have such a illustrious strain named after him in honor of his work.

Its genetic heritage is somewhat shrouded in mystery, but it is generally believed that Jack Herer is a 50% haze cross. It is thought to have Northern Lights and Skunk in its lineage. The aim was to keep the strong and cherished Haze qualities but reduce the extremely long flowering time that it is associated with. They did not fail, Jack Herer is a powerhouse of a plant, with fast grow times, strong-armed highs and generously heavy yields. It is easy to see why this is such a popular strain and how it has won so many awards. Much like the strain AK-47, Jack Herer is one of the most highly awarded and praised strains in recorded history!

As mentioned, Jack Herer throws a mean punch. That is not to say it is unpleasant, far from it. Once you have felt Jack's strong embrace there will be nothing that can hold you back from trying to acquire it again. The high is mainly a cerebral buzz, an exciting and uplifting buzz that will get you motivated and on your feet. It is well suited to day time smoking when you need that extra little push to knuckle down and get a job done, relax after a stressful day or for going out with friends - enjoying good conversation and company. We cannot stress enough the power of this strain, it is A-grade medical quality and should be treated as such. The unwise or unseasoned smoker can easily go overboard and find themselves adrift without a paddle – you have been warned!

In terms of medical use, Jack Herer is a great all-rounder. It is ideal for the treatment of emotional and cerebral woes such as stress, anxiety, migraines, nausea and depression. It is well suited to the treatment of chronic pain and arthritis. Whilst the emphasis of the high is on the cerebral, due to the indica side of its heritage it can offer a comfortable body stone as well. Jack Herer does not crash as it wears off either, it is a true delight and a great wake and bake.

With such a great quality high available you would not be blamed for thinking that it must be lacking somewhere else, that all the breeding emphasis has gone into the high and the grow quality. Surely it cant taste and smell great too. Well you would be wrong. Jack Herer has an aroma and taste worthy of any connoisseur. It is a smooth and enjoyable smoke that leaves a sweet, fruity and fresh taste in your mouth. The aroma is a pungent tropical wonderland that will enchant and tantalize your senses. There really is no going wrong if you can get your hands on this.

Now, we at Zambeza have though long and hard as to how we can fully utilize this strain and take full advantage of what it has to offer. The result is quite simply Jack the Ripper Autoflowering. We felt that there was no real need to try and vastly improve on the superior qualities of this strain. How do you improve a god? Well whilst we did not see it fit to tamper to much with the high, we though we could lend a helping hand to the time constrained and novice cultivators. Through very selective breeding we have produced a plant that still maintains the enhanced indica and sativa qualities found in Jack Herer, but now in an easy to manage from. Jack Herer can be quite a demanding plant, but in its autoflowering form we have made it a walk in the park. It is well suited to cultivators who can not commit the time and energy needed to the care and maintain a pure Jack Herer.

Jack Herer grows strong. Depending on the phenotype, Jack will often grow with distinct sativa characteristics such as long thin leaves and towering heights. It grows with dense frosty buds that turn your grow room into a winter forest. If the indica traits come through then it grows shorter, but still with a dense concentration of buds that makes it great for cash-cropping. It takes about 50-70 days to flower and creates yields of roughly 350-450 g/m2. It is suited to indoor and greenhouse cultivation, with outdoor cultivation an option in more Mediterranean climates.

As you can see, this is a strain to be reckoned with – there is very little it can be faulted for. We love it and have harnessed its power as we feel a breeder should. It is world renowned and should not be missed. Try it if you can, though you may struggle as it is often hard to find commercially. It is that high quality that most cultivators will keep a lot for themselves and then circulate the rest in a very select group of clients. If you can overcome this hurdle though you will be justly rewarded. One hit and you will have a new favorite – snap it up where you can.