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Green Poison

Green Poison is a mostly indica hybrid (around 70/30 split), that has a potent high, fast growing times and impressive yields. It is often favored for its connoisseur quality taste and aroma that will have your mouth watering for more. Not much is seen of Green Poison on today's market and it can be notoriously hard to get hold of if you are a fan. However, if you have been lucky enough to try it then you will know of the unique qualities and tastes it boasts.

The kind of high that Green Poison induces is very reminiscent of its name. It is slow and mellow to start with, but, like poison, once it is in your system it will creep and spread through you, easing you down into its sweet embrace. The high is fairly mixed, soothe both mind and body. Due to the indica dominance most will find that the high leans more towards a stoned body effect with a lighter, but still relaxing mind high. It is great for sharing with friends at the end of the day, just chilling out and having fun.

Because of the nature of Green Poison’s high, novices should be very cautious. Many will think that they are managing well, to only have the high continue to slowly creep in strength beyond a point that they feel comfortable. It is like a glacier, slow but ultimately unstoppable – and it can be quite intimidating for a novice to watch on, as it continues its slow march forward.

In terms of medical use, Green Poison's well rounded high makes it a great choice for treating all kinds of ailments. It is effective at relieving chronic pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia and stimulating appetite. There is something that every medical user here will be able to apply Green Poison's strength to.

Green Poison has a potent aroma and taste. As soon as it starts flowering you will be hit by a strong fruity sweet fragrance. This follows through to the taste, which will tantalize and seduce with its spicy undertones.

We have used Green Poison here at Zambeza to take what we feel is a highly under appreciated strain forward. We have crossed it with Big Devil 2 in order to enhance and bolster its superior yields and high. The resulting strain, Green Poison Autoflowering does not disappoint. It is a fast growing strain with high yields and a strong balanced high. The sweet tastes linger on the tongue and the smooth smoke eases you down into a state of pure bliss. It is highly recommended for anyone looking for an easy to manage auto crop or a highly resinous strain that has a kick to it.

As mentioned, Green Poison grows with a strong vigor that surprises many cultivators. It has a large central kola and produces long, bud covered side branches that support a very generous yield. It flowers in about 7 weeks and has an indoor yield of around 500-650g/m2 – very impressive stats that should interest most commercial cultivators. It is a great cash crop. Should you be looking to grow outdoors then harvest is around the end of September and can yield 500-700g per plant. On top of this, Green Poison is very resilient to pests and mold, making it a good choice for cultivation in humid environments where its fast growing times will out pace the onset of fungal spores. There is a lot to like here should you be fortunate enough to own some of Green Poison's seeds.

As you can see, Green Poison has a lot going for it. We feel that this underdog is well worth your time and have gone so far as to breed it into our own catalog of seeds. It is a pleasure to grow and smoke, it has great potential for being a regular in most cultivators collections. Green Poison is a true diamond in the rough and it is well worth giving it a chance.