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White Rhino

White Rhino is a classic hard-hitting indica strain closely related to the legendary White Widow. Just like its famous beautiful relative, it is high THC premium cannabis. However, this beast is also famous for tipping the scales come harvest time in ways even the most skilled White Widow cultivators can only dream of.

The precise background of White Rhino, like the rest of the White family of strains, is a little mysterious. White Rhino is a hybrid of select genetics from Afghanistan, Brazil and India. In simple terms, White Rhino is to the White family, what Super Skunk is to the Skunk family.

Veteran cannabis connoisseurs and novices alike can be rendered utterly “couch-locked” by the immense potency of the White Rhino. For the recreational user this strain can become an instant favourite. Although heavily under indica influence, the effects of the White Rhino begin with a giggly happy sativa high, which gradually gives way to a total body stoned aftermath.

This one is definitely a creeper and the earthy rich smoke with skunky undertones lets you know it. The potency of this marijuana cannot be underestimated, with THC levels in excess of 20% not uncommon and absolute fire! Some phenos can touch on 25% THC concentration.

Medicinally this strain is also renowned the world over. Often used by medical marijuana patients to relieve chronic pain, insomnia and a whole plethora of ailments since the 1990’s. Plus, everyone that’s ever sampled this strain will remember the case of “munchies” they got if nothing else.

White Rhino is a robust cannabis strain, that is relatively easy to cultivate and performs well in a variety of cultivation methods from traditional soil and coco to hydroponics and advanced airoponic setups. Versatility is another hallmark of the White Rhino, ensuring this canna-beast is in no threat of becoming an endangered species.

Commercial cultivators and ganjapreneurs all over the World, from the coffee shops of Amsterdam to the Colorado dispensaries, have all recognised the value of the White Rhino. SOG and ScrOG systems can deliver huge harvests of top-shelf buds, up to 900g/m², in the hands of grand master growers.

White Rhino plants are typically short, compact, branch vigorously and flower in 8-10 weeks. Thick stems and wide leaves give a familiar indica impression. During the bloom cycle is when the real magic happens, and some pruning of those massive fan leaves may be required. But don’t worry about stretching so long as your light is perfectly positioned, those rock hard tight frosty nuggs will be plentiful.

Hobbyists and home growers with limited space, perhaps just enough room for one plant, can also reap bountiful high-grade harvests from the White Rhino. Individual plants in large containers dripping with resinous buds can be examined in abundance on social media. Low odour also adds to the allure, as typically weed of this calibre tends to have an accompanying pungent smell. It’s not scentless, rather less obvious, than the few strains of comparable quality.

At Zambeza we have bred the beast that is White Rhino to create two more frosty strains. Candy Caramelo Fast Flowering will display vigorous branching reminiscent of a bushy White Rhino. It’s also even faster at delivering a resin coated harvest with a flowering time of just 45 days.

Candy Caramelo Autoflowering is another hybrid with a beastly lineage. Expect frosty buds in record time. Many autoflowering varieties disappoint come harvest with too many popcorn buds, or worse, not much bud at all. White Rhino traits shine through come harvest time with the Candy Caramelo Autoflowering. This autoflowering plant will even impress connoisseurs and veteran cultivators with fine high-grade buds in just 8 weeks.

White Rhino is a classic indica with the staying power to make an even greater impression on a whole new generation of Cannabis users.