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Let’s dive into the history of Cookies genetics. The dank genetics of the Cookies are relatively new, spanning from 2010. The ancestry of the Cookies consists of F1, Durban Poison, and OG Kush. The F1 strain is an actual strain name, not a first generation strain as the name suggests. The F1’s parents are unknown, they are being held captive due to F1's success, and secrecy generates good marketing. Durban Poison is a classic Sativa that derives from a South African port city, Durban. This strain began its Western history in the 70’s, when Ed Rosenthal was working meticulously to create a resinous and short flowering Sativa. The Durban lineage was stabilized for years before hitting the Amsterdam market, which cemented Durban Poison into the ganja history books. Now, the secretive F1 and Durban Poison got entangled in a twosome, before their baby, F1 Durban or “F1 Durb”, saw the light of day. It took some time before the F1 Durban was stabilized, but once it was, it got mixed together with Kush genetics. This mix created the legendary Cookies genetics.

It’s important to clarify the misinformation regarding Cherry Pie’s influence on the Cookies genes; the Cherry Pie genetics don’t exist in the Cookies genetics, it’s more of a brother-sister relationship, due to a shared parent and grandparent. Of course, Girl Scout Cookies is the main reason why the Cookies genetics became successful; the strain won several Cannabis Cups, including the best Indica of 2013. When Girl Scout Cookies were in the stabilizing process, many found seeds inside of this strain, and called them ironically for “Fortune Cookies”, which led many breeders to claim the "Girl Scout Cookie originality". Either way, Cookies genetics took over the world with its inherent dankness.

Everybody loves cookies, it's a universally accepted fact. Here at Zambeza Seeds, we provide this love in a physical form of a seed. Crazy right? Yepp, that’s exactly what it is, Crazy Cookies is the new beast on the market that will deliver around 24% of THC on beautiful sugar leaves and calyxes. Needless to say, it’s an extremely potent strain, so beginners should stick to the small-amount-policy. For indoor growers, this crazy strain will deliver 500-650g/m² and for outdoor sun-loving enthusiasts, it shall deliver 500-700g/plant. The heights of the Crazy Cookies differ radically with 50-100cm for indoor growers, which is perfect for stealthy operations, and 150-200cm for outdoor growers, which is relatively tall for an indica-dominant hybrid. Yes, this strain is indica-dominant, which will deliver pleasant sweet dreams, together with a couch lock sensation and chillness. Because of its potency and other magical factors, this strain lasts for a solid amount of time, so if you really want to "go for it", make sure to clear your schedule. Under the right conditions, the flowering time is more or less 55 days, which is necessary to generate all the imperative cannabinoids and terpenes, which produce a sweet, spicy and earthy aroma; it feels like magnificence wrapped in aromatic fumes.

There you have it folks, the history of the Cookies genetics and how the Crazy Cookies will sink you underneath the couch. With 24% THC, this plant needs to be enjoyed with caution. So, what are you waiting for?! Try it out and see for yourself that the legendary status of Cookies genetics is not just another marketing gimmick, it’s real, it’s here, it’s excellent.