A Guide To The Perfect Wake And Bake

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A Guide To The Perfect Wake And Bake

A wake and bake can be an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience. Many people simply seem to enjoy getting high in the morning more than any other time of day. However, there are definitely some factors to keep in mind that can make or break your wake and bake experience.

Start your day off with some euphoria! A morning wake and bake can really set the pace for a calm and relaxing day. For most people, a wake and bake is an intensely relaxing and pleasant experience. However, there are definitely some things that you should keep in mind in order to make the most of it and set the tone for the rest of your day.

Focus on yourselfPREPARE YOURSELF

If you are planning to wake and bake on a lazy day, taking some time to prepare beforehand can really help you make the most of the experience.

The first thing to do is double-check your schedule. While you can still focus after a wake and bake (in fact, some strains may improve your focus), you still won’t be able to drive anywhere or show up to work. Not to mention, having to do serious or super-important tasks while high can really spoil your buzz. Instead, you should plan some fun, relaxing activities to match and elevate your mood. And, of course, don’t forget to eat.

prepare some breakfastGET SOME BREAKFAST

Most people don’t need to be reminded of this one, especially when they’re high. A wake and bake breakfast can be a blast to whip up and devour. Not only will you have the time set aside to cook a nice, big, hearty meal, but you will have the appetite to really enjoy it. For those of us who love breakfast, few things go better with cannabis than a mouth-watering spread of eggs, bacon, toast, and pancakes!

However, for some people, it may be a good idea to keep your morning meal quick and easy. If you know you have a busy and active day ahead of you, overeating and feeling bloated in the morning may not be a particularly good start to your day.


Perhaps even more important than being well-fed is staying hydrated. Not only is dry mouth an extremely common symptom of cannabis use, but it’s also often forgotten and ignored. Yet, doing so can place unnecessary stress on your body.

Remember to drink plenty of water or other hydrating liquids before, during, and after your wake and bake session. Failing to do so can leave you feeling thirsty or sluggish throughout the day. Moreover, neglecting to hydrate over a longer period of time could lead to physical symptoms of dehydration, including headaches, light-headedness, and decreased urine output.

Keep track of timeKEEP TRACK OF TIME

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re having fun, and even easier when you’re getting high. Don’t ruin your high by stressing and rushing, instead, be proactive and get into the habit of keeping track of time during your morning sessions.

Setting an alarm to remind yourself of important to-dos is always a good idea. Additionally, waking up a little earlier than usual may be a good way to give yourself a little more time to enjoy the experience. Trying to wake and bake in a rush is never a particularly fun time. Remember to keep an eye on the clock!

Don't get lazyDON’T GET LAZY

Most importantly, try not to fall back asleep. It can be especially tempting to do so if your sleep last night was subpar, or if your morning energy levels are typically low. However, this can throw off your whole day, not to mention waste much of your high.

Engaging in energising tasks after you smoke can help to keep you alert and awake. Even something as simple as enjoying a morning cup of coffee or listening to some energising music can work. However, you should strongly consider going outside and getting active. Going for a quick run or taking the dog for a walk will not only keep you from succumbing to laziness, but will also give you a chance to enjoy the great outdoors while high. Whatever you do, do not succumb to the temptation of going back to sleep!

Freshen upFRESHEN UP

Don’t forget to freshen up before you leave the house. Brushing your teeth and putting in some eye drops will go a long way toward hiding the fact that you’re high.

But perhaps most importantly, if you are going to be spending time with other people later, you should probably shower or bathe after your wake and bake. While perfume or cologne may mask some of that cannabis smell, it won’t get rid of all of it. This is especially important if you are smoking a joint or blunt that will make your hands and arms smell more than usual, or if you are smoking inside with little to no ventilation.

Don’t make the mistake of finding out the hard way that you smell like pot or look like you’re high, it’s usually quite unpleasant!

Smoke the right strainSMOKE THE RIGHT STRAIN

Last, but certainly not least, you must carefully consider the strains you choose to wake and bake with. Smoking strains that are known to cause sleepiness or laziness is definitely not recommended. Unfortunately, this pretty much rules out all indicas and many hybrids.

Most people find that sativas and sativa-leaning hybrids do a much better job of getting them in the right mindset for a morning high. Instead of making you more sleepy as an indica would, a sativa strain will perk you up by giving you a clear-headed buzz and a nice energy boost. Some have even gained a well-earned reputation for producing strong sensations of euphoric creativity.

However, some people prefer the heavy, narcotic-like buzz of an indica first-thing in the morning. Balancing those effects with some energising coffee or tea is a good way to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Here are 5 of Zambeza’s favourite wake and bake strains that can be found right here on our site.

Jack the Ripper AutofloweringJACK THE RIPPER AUTO

Jack The Ripper Auto really lives up to its name, delivering a terrifyingly exciting mix of sativa effects. This strain’s THC level can reach as high as 17%, resulting in a strong, uplifting, euphoric, and happy high.

This strain’s genetics really make it a breeze to grow. Jack The Ripper Auto is ready for harvest within approximately 60–70 days from germination, and only grows to a height of 60–90cm indoors. Despite its quick harvest time and small stature, Jack The Ripper Auto can still produce as much as 130g/plant outdoors and 300–350g/m² indoors. Strong, euphoric, and creative high.


Super Silver Haze is a Dutch classic that was the recipient of the High Times Cannabis Cup three years in a row in the ‘90s. This hybrid’s unique genetics are derived from a cross between the legendary strains Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights.

This is a sativa-dominant strain perfect for daytime tokes or wake and bake sessions. Super Silver Haze’s intensely energising, stimulating, and creativity-boosting effects are a result of its monstrous THC level that can sometimes soar as high as 21%.Even better, in indoor conditions, this strain only grows as tall as 110cm while yielding as much as 700g/m². Super Silver Haze is a great choice for daytime smokers looking to grow their own stash! strong, euphoric, and creative high.


Derived from parent strains OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies, this indica-leaning hybrid delivers a mix of effects. Its initial rush of cerebral energy is quickly balanced out by the onset of a heavy narcotic-like buzz.

Crazy Cookies’ sky-high THC content can reach as high as 24%, ensuring it delivers a potent mix of physical and cerebral effects with every hit. Moreover, this strain’s pristine genetics have gifted it with delicious spicy, earthy, and fruity tones.

When it comes to growing, this complex strain may require more effort, but is undoubtedly also more rewarding. Outdoors, these plants tend to develop stout, fluted stalks capable of reaching as high as 2 metres tall and producing as much as 500g/plant. Because of their height and large final output, these plants will likely require relatively more training and support than others. Strong, euphoric, and creative high.


An East Coast take on a West Coast classic, NYC Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid that originates from legendary parent strains Diesel, Shiva, Hawaiian, and Northern Lights. This strain is recognised for its energising cerebral buzz that is known to boost focus and creativity.

It produces a pleasant mix of euphoria and relaxation, delivering a clear-headed and energising high that can be just as productive as it is relaxing. As such, NYC Diesel has developed a reputation as an excellent morning and daytime treat.

NYC Diesel is a fairly flexible strain that grows well both indoors and outdoors. However, its predominantly sativa genetics mean that it will require some extra space and care. Outdoors, this strain can sometimes grow as tall as 190cm and produce as much as 650g/plant. Strong, euphoric, and creative high.


Made famous by the Hollywood movie of the same name, Pineapple Express is now one of the most recognised cannabis strains in the world. This predominantly indica strain delivers a heavy stone that is best enjoyed on slow, lazy days. Its robust combination of sativa and indica effects make it an ideal strain for microdosing all day long.

However, the star of the show is its incredible flavour profile. Pineapple Express’s Jamaican origins are on clear display in its fruity-sweet and tropically skunky aroma. Moreover, its indica genetics make it an excellent choice for indoor growers. Aside from only growing as tall as 130cm, Pineapple Express has a relatively short flowering time, lasting roughly 55 days on average. Yet, growers may be tempted to try this strain outdoors where it can sometimes produce as much as 500g/plant! Strong, euphoric, and creative high.