Top 10 Cannabis Movies

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Top 10 Cannabis Movies

Ever since the start of its fame in the United States, cannabis has prompted generations, arts, aside from blockbuster Hollywood films. Cannabis is widespread.

It has been said that over 18 million people consumed it in 2009. And that is merely those who have admitted to it. If cannabis wasn’t so prevalent, Hollywood would not create cinemas about it. Below are the top 10 films that are either devoted to or are inspired by cannabis.

1. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

This movie is grounded on a wild account of two buddies who are attempting to satisfy their hunger for White Castle. As they depart on their cannabis-filled voyage to meet their yearning, the two get distracted by numerous distinct personalities, together with a cluster of skateboarding ruffians, an inbred tow-truck driver and his sex-crazed spouse, bigoted policemen, and Neil Patrick Harris, who all cause their straightforward voyage to become terrible.

2. The Big Lebowski

Distributed in 1998, this movie is grounded on a pot-bellied, pot smoking failure named Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski, who devotes all of his time to bowling and getting high. After Lebowski gets taken for a well-to-do ma, who has the identical name, he discovers himself aboard a hysterical abduction ploy. The movie’s stable torrent of exceptional camera viewpoints, sidesplitting discussion from its sporadic troupe of characters, which contains a hair-netted Latino bowler who dons stunning lilac footwear and a sensual artist that is fixated with concealing her nude form in paint and splatting herself beside a huge canvas, make this a must-see movie.

3. Knocked Up

Knocked Up is founded on a voyage a couple must take following an inebriating evening which leads to an unwelcome pregnancy. When a business woman’s raise leads to an evening of alcohol-induced partying, she ends up having a one-night stand with a jobless, happy-go-lucky, stoner, who leaves her with more than just an awful recollection. Two months and numerous pregnancy tests later, the two who hardly identify each other must unite and take an induction on childbearing.

4. Pineapple Express

This 2008 film is founded on the existences of a pot-smoking process server and his burnt-out weed supplier, who get involved in a drug battle amid two gangs after one of them observes a homicide. Afterwards, the process server sprints to the dealer’s home and the enjoyment starts. While sprinting from one of the gang front-runners, who is a cannabis superstar, the two participate in certain ludicrous action arrangements with Saul’s dealer and two strange henchmen.

5. How High

This movie takes you on a cannabis-filled expedition on Harvard University’s grounds. After the two stoners smoke cannabis that has been developed with the remains of one of their buddies, he returns as a ghost to aid them in deceiving on their college admission tests, getting them an advanced education when they are admitted to the prominent university. Causing ruckus throughout the grounds, the two discover themselves being the focus, and on the detector of the university’s tense dean.

6. Half Baked

Three stoners arise to the liberation of a fourth buddy, who was detained for murdering a diabetic police horse after he served him certain snacks. When given a $100,000 bail, his followers depart to raise the currency by vending some high-quality cannabis, acquired from a medical research laboratory. After they establish their cannabis workshop, the bunch come across a number of diverse kinds of stoners, all with their individual tale to express.

7. Friday

This comical movie about a usual day of two adolescences portrays the truth of growing up in the ghetto devoid of all the gangbanging discovered in the majority of movies about downtown living. The two chief characters are played by Chris Tucker, “Smokey,” and Ice Cube, “Craig.” After Craig gets dismissed on his day off, the two go on a cannabis-filled trip, as Smokey persuades him to get stoned with him. During the course of the film, the two come across crack heads, a neighborhood tormenter, a drug dealing gangbanger with a curl, and a devious girlfriend in riotously humorous parodies. This is absolutely a must-see movie, in spite of being a stoner or not.

8. Dazed & Confused

One of the key characters, Randall “Pink” Floyd is a pleasant football personality who desires to play college ball and smoke cannabis, has to steer amid the opposing realms of athletes, stoners, fakes, and rock fans with his lover and new freshman friend in tow. Following an evening of carousing, it asks, what will occur next? Although this movie does not have a story, it certainly keeps you absorbed with its boundless jokes, and sharp, radiant pictures.

9. Grandma's Boy

The movie is regarding a 35 year old stoner video game tester named Alex who is encircled by a lot of burnt-out associates and is made to move in with his domineering grandmother and her two roomies. To save face with his colleagues, Alex makes up tales about having three sex-craved roomies, and when the truth is made known, the actual revelry begins at grandma’s home. Jam-packed with hysterical scenes during the film, it is incredibly difficult to choose a favorite.

10. Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke

The movie is grounded on two awkward stoners that are on a voyage searching for “Primo Bud,” rock-n-roll, and enjoyable times, without grasping that the van they are driving is entirely made of it. During the course of the movie, the two are being trailed by an assembly of disguised policemen that are attempting to arrest them, but appear to have a challenge doing so as they are endlessly receiving a contact high from the smoking vehicle. One wonderful scene in the movie is when the disguised policemen pull Cheech and Chong over, and then are unable to remember why they did while standing beside the van. This is without a doubt a must-see movie if you adore stoner movies.

Seize one of the DVDs recorded above and get prepared to laugh out loud!