Zambeza Seeds Online Sales Update

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Zambeza Seeds Online Sales Update

Committed to delivering the best-value cannabis seeds, we’ve got some important news for our online customers. Keep reading to find out what’s happening at Zambeza in 2021.

Zambeza Seeds' Focus in 2021

True to our commitment to delivering cannabis seeds of the best value, Zambeza is stepping back from online sales to focus on seed development and working with our wholesale partners. You can find our varieties at Zamnesia. By taking these steps, we can prune, top, and trim our seed catalogue to work on the best possible collection.

This is not a decision we take lightly, but it ultimately supports our goal of helping you achieve the best possible harvest.

What Does the Change Mean for Zambeza Customers?

For our customers, this change means we’ll no longer accept orders via the Zambeza website. Instead, we’ll continue to work behind the scenes, supporting our wholesale partners and focusing on cutting-edge genetics.

However, we know you love the Zambeza range, so we have good news! You don’t need to worry about running low on your favourites—you can still grab them from leading seed retailers.

Stay in Touch With Zambeza

With such a significant change, we know there’s bound to be questions from our retail and business customers. All the usual channels of communication will remain open to help resolve your queries. Of course, we’ll continue to work with our wholesale partners as usual, but, for our loyal online community, it’s time for us to wish you the best harvest one last time in 2021.

From the entire team at Zambeza, thank you for your continued support. The journey so far has been incredible, but our best harvest is yet to come—so watch this space!