Top 5 Kush Strains From Zambeza Seeds

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Top 5 Kush Strains From Zambeza Seeds

The Hindu Kush region is home to more than just breathtaking mountain scenery; it's also home to some of the best cannabis strains in the world. Welcome to the world of Kush.

Kush strains are renowned the world over for their potency, resin production, fast flowering time, and delicious aroma. And at Zambeza, we just love Kush. Below, you’ll find a list of our favourite in-house Kush strains to add to your garden today.


Kush has become a household name among the cannabis community, and for good reason; Kush strains have proven their quality time and time again.

Kush strains are named after the Hindu Kush mountain range that stretches from Northern Pakistan through Afghanistan and into Tajikistan. The Kush variety is believed to have grown in the foothills of these monstrous mountains for thousands of years, and the local climate gave these plants some very appealing physical traits, including:

• Short stature and internodes
• Dark green foliage that may turn a deep, rich purple in the right conditions
• Bulbous and dense flowers with bronze pistils and a thick, frosty coating of trichomes
• Strong sedative effects
• Short flowering time

The range of aromas you’ll get from Kush plants can vary significantly. Some strains have a strong earthy aroma with hints of incense, while others might be much more floral, herbal, or piney.

On the palate, Kush strains tend to boast earthy and citrusy flavours, sometimes combined with hints of spice. However, remember that today’s hybrid strains often combine a long list of different genetics, meaning modern Kush varieties don’t always feature all of these characteristics.


At Zambeza, we adore Kush cannabis—so much so that we’ve brought together five of our favourite selections. Enjoy!


Lemon Kush merges Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush to create a very potent strain with a rich lemon aroma and a lightning-fast flowering time.

Our Lemon Kush also boasts a THC level of around 18% and produces a very calm, sedative stone with a hint of cerebral stimulation. This definitely isn’t an energising strain, but its effects aren’t as downright narcotic as you might find in other Kush varieties, either. Instead, Lemon Kush will leave you mentally focused and physically relaxed.

You might find one or two tokes of this strain to help you stay focused on taskwork, while larger doses will be great for unwinding at home after a long day at the office.

Lemon Kush is charming in the grow room. Plants reach average heights of about 100–130cm indoors, depending on the size of your pots and how long you let them veg. Once you flip them over to flower, Lemon Kush will take roughly 55 days to deliver yields of up to 500g/m². Outdoors, plants will reach up to 230cm and churn out up to 550g/plant.

In the final weeks of bloom, your plants will be heavy with dense, frosty buds emanating a rich lemon aroma coupled with hints of mint and spices.


OG Bubble Gum is an indica-dominant cross of Bubble Gum and OG Kush. It boasts a complex, sweet aroma that combines notes of berries and citrus with slightly sour and spicy undertones.

Despite producing up to 19% THC, and being a very indica-dominant Kush variety, OG Bubble Gum produces relatively balanced effects. In small doses, this strain will make you feel happy, relaxed, and physically stoned, but with enough mental clarity to stay productive or social. In larger doses, however, OG Bubble Gum’s Kush lineage really starts to shine through; it’ll leave you with a heavy-handed, narcotic stone.

Bubble Gum OG boasts an amazing aroma that combines notes of sweet wild berries with sour undertones (reminiscent of OG Kush). If you’ve got a trained nose, you’ll likely pick up on the strain’s subtle hints of spice.

Growing OG Bubble Gum is relatively easy. These are medium-sized plants (between 100–130cm indoors and 150–200cm outdoors) that grow quickly and flower in roughly 55 days. They respond very well to training and produce yields of 550–600g/m² indoors and 550–650g/plant outdoors.


Our Pineapple Express is highly sought-after. A cross between Pineapple, a Jamaican landrace, and our Lemon Kush, this strain boasts big aromas, a long-lasting stone, and great growing traits in general.

Pineapple Express’ Kush heritage really shines through in its effects. This strain produces a very relaxing, calm, and happy stone that’s very much body-focused, even in smaller doses. In larger doses, Pineapple Express delivers a narcotic stone that’ll leave you giggly, hungry, and sleepy. This is definitely not a daytime strain; instead, enjoy in the evening while unwinding in front of the TV, or before bed to induce sleep.

Besides its potency (which sits at 19% THC), one of the biggest attractions of this strain is its aroma. As the name suggests, Pineapple Express boasts an unmistakably rich and sweet tropical fruit scent. Its flavours are also overwhelmingly sweet and fruity.

In the grow room, Pineapple Express is hard to beat. Thanks to its indica-dominant genetics, these plants reach very manageable heights indoors and out. They also tolerate slightly colder temperatures, flower in just 55 days, and produce great harvests of 500–550g/m² indoors and up to 500g/plant under the sun!


Rocket Banana is one of our strongest Kush strains; and with its rich, sweet banana aroma, it might just be the most aromatic, too.

Rocket Banana is a cross between Banana and OG Kush. A 70% indica-dominant variety, this strain has some super desirable traits. With a THC level of over 25%, Rocket Banana produces very strong effects. After just a few hits, this strain will leave you with an intense and happy physical stone that’ll make it hard to get off the couch. Reserve Rocket Banana for late evening smoke sessions before bed, or any other time when you can completely unwind and relax.

Rocket Banana is just as impressive in the grow room. Its stature won’t exceed 130cm indoors, and its flowering time is between 7–8 weeks. Outdoors, however, Rocket Banana plants can surge to heights above 200cm and produce harvests of up to 500g/plant. Best of all, these dense buds come with a thick, frosty layer of trichomes and boast an amazing tropical fruit aroma.


A cross between Critical and OG Kush, Power Kush is last, but definitely not least, on this list.

This strain packs up to 20% THC and produces some spectacular bud. The effects of Power Kush are extremely balanced. You can expect very relaxing physical effects, even in small doses. However, it’ll leave you with enough mental clarity and focus to stay productive. This makes it a great daytime strain, and perfect for microdosing early in the morning.

After just 50 days of flowering, these plants will be loaded with dense, frosty buds. Each nugget possesses a unique sweet-and-sour aroma complete with underlying notes of spice. After a good cure, buds only become more aromatic, with a delectable flavour to match.

Thanks to its Critical parent, this strain is very high-yielding and capable of producing indoor harvests of 475–525g/m² and outdoor harvests of up to 600g/plant. Better yet, plants remain at discreet heights of 60–80cm indoors and 120–170cm outdoors.