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Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is one of the most well known strains on the planet, however its true genetic origins are shrouded in mystery. There is a general consensus that it originates from the area around Acapulco, Mexico but there is debate as to whether the “Gold” refers to the yellow coloring of the cannabis or if it is a reference to the stunning quality of the product itself. The Oxford English Dictionary claims that first references of it is said to have been in a newsletter dating back to 1965. In this reference Acapulco is described as being a “special grade” of cannabis and that it had “a potency surpassed by few if the green varieties”. It seems they knew what they were talking about back then because Acapulco Gold is still going strong today and has a strength and potency that is held in very high regard.

Smoking Acapulco Gold is like finding a hidden treat. It is the type of cannabis that you maintain a private stash of to bring out on special occasions, it is a five-star connoisseur favorite. It has a full, smooth, spicy flavor and an aroma that smells of burnt toffee. It will induce and immediate, and strong mind and body high. Giving you a nice creative buzz as well as relaxing your muscles and letting the pain of the day slip away. It is perfect for an evening relax with friends, smoking, chatting and watching the world go by; or if by yourself it allows for a good introspective session of soul searching and unlocking creativity. Acapulco Gold's strength may make it a bit unsuitable for novices to jump right in. It is generally advised that if you are a novice and are smoking something with this Mexican God in, then you should take it easy to begin with so that it does not overpower you. That said, with proper respect, everyone can enjoy Acapulco Gold and any of its children.

The A-grade quality of Acapulco Gold has allowed us, here at Zambeza, to create a very popular strain that brings together everything we love about this high. It is called Skunk and it is a great blend of sativa and indica traits, bringing on a powerful body stone whilst unlocking your mind to wonder free of its normal restrictions. It is well worth a try if you are in the market for a top-shelf all-rounder.

In terms of medical properties, Acapulco Gold is best suited to treating anxiety ans stress due to its clear mind high. It can be effective at relieving pain and has the potential to help with insomnia, but it is not the focus of the strain. It is great at relieving the mind of its burdens without pushing it too far into lethargy.

Acapulco Gold is a sativa dominant strain that is traditionally grown outdoors in hot climates. However, it is just as suited to a regulated grow room. It has a reasonable flowering time of 70-80 days and offer yields of roughly 500-600g/m2. This is a very substantial yield that breeders, (including ours), tend to get excited about as it offers good genetic material to work with in our future strains. Heights tend to vary but gets up to about 1m. The product itself grows alluring shades of light green, tinged with yellows and browns – giving it a golden effect (hence one of the theories on its name). The THC content of pure Acapulco Gold tends to be in the region of 23% and the CBD at 0.07%.

Acapulco Gold won the 2010 High Time Cannabis Cup for best sativa. It is a truly legendary strain that is help up there with the best of them by veteran cultivators and smokers. We are very pleased with the potential it offers us and the fruits it has already bore us. We highly recommend seeking out some strains that have this in their heritage, it is something you have to at least try once, and you will probably find that you get hooked on a new favorite.