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Cheese is an award winning, legendary strain that was originally conceived in the UK. Its heritage is based in the genetics of Skunk #1, which has been thoroughly bred and specially selected by a team of breeders in London to result in Cheese. A powerful and pungent strain that has a large influence on many other strains today.

As the name suggests, Cheese has a very unique and cheesy taste and aroma. Having Skunk heritage allows for a pungent aroma that penetrates with its power. The taste is very cheesy with strong Skunk undertones. It has developed a following of Cheese lovers who cant get enough of these tantalizing tastes and smells. As a result the Cheese market as rocketed and you can now find many subsequent variations of the Cheese strain on the market today.

Cheese will bring on a fast and furious mind and body high, with an emphasis on the body. It quickly creeps trough your whole body, taking away all of the weight and pain you may have. It can literally make you feel like you are floating away. This goes hand in hand with the euphoric cerebral high it induces. It can be a great knock out smoke as well as one to share with friends on a sunny afternoon. As with all powerful strains, novices should approach with caution when first sampling the delights of a cheese strain, but if they can handle it they will be hooked by its sheer awesomeness.

For the medical user the emphasis is on relieving pain, anxiety and stress, it also helps with insomnia to a lesser extent, but is not the focus of Cheese. The unique qualities of Cheese makes it a good choice for medical users wanting a little something extra; an enjoyable, tasty and uncommon smoke to spice things up a bit.

As Cheese and its children have such a cult following, we at Zambeza thought it would be foolish of us not to take these great qualities and make them our own. We have crossed Cheese with Super Skunk and an Afghani strain to make the ultimate in mind and body Cheese experiences – White Cheese. She is a fast grower that produces a captivating aroma and taste. She can knock you socks of with a long lasting, powerful mind and body high – perfect for relaxing and letting a load off your shoulders. If you are looking for a connoisseur quality all-rounder with a unique taste than we implore you to try our White Cheese.

Under a 600W light Cheese has been known to produce in the region 450-550g/m2, a generous yield that can make it a viable commercial option. Outdoors in warmer climates plants have been known to yield over 250g each. Plant heights generally reach up to 2m indoors and can vastly exceed it outdoors. The growing time is around 8 weeks, but can be left longer up to 10 weeks. Generally speaking, the longer you leave a cheese to grow the stronger it gets in terms of effect, but the flavor begins to loose its potency. It is really down to the individual cultivator what they prefer.

As you can see, Cheese has a lot to offer. It is a connoisseur favorite and offers a very unique and highly sought after taste. You should try this strain or any of its children at least once, chances are you will find yourself a Cheese fan and be saluting those ingenious breeders over in the UK who brought it to life. Variations of Cheese have often won various High Times Cannabis Cup awards including a 1st place in the indica category in 2006. Try it, we are sure you will not be disappointed.