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Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a behemoth of a strain. It is a multi-award winning powerhouse that is thought of one of as one of the best strains money can buy. It was the first Haze train to offer an uncompromising, full-strength Haze experience in a fast growing, high yielding, compact plant. A vigorous selective breeding process has allowed for the towering growth heights and long flowering times to be reined in. This has resulted in a strain that is now a viable commercial option as well as a great choice for connoisseurs and those looking for an exceptional smoke.

Super Silver Haze is the child of three very renowned strains – Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze. All three are legendary in their own right and have sired an uncountable amount of strains. This is a testament to the quality and heritage of Super Silver Haze's heritage. It makes it very easy to see why it has the awesome qualities it does and why it is such a popular strain.

The tastes and smells of Super Silver Haze can quite simply be described as delicious. It has a pungent fruity aroma and taste that is alike to the taste of peaches and cream. It is a smooth smoke with no foul aftertastes. It really is a treat and an obvious favorite of many connoisseurs.

The effect of Super Silver Haze is a powerful, get up and go high. It is great for the beginning of the day when you need that little boost in energy, or when you need the focus and motivation to get a job done. It is truly a great smoke and there are few situations where you would not want it, be it work, sociable occasion or play, it will enhance the experience. The only time you may want to lay off it is at the end of the day when you want to start winding down for the night. Due to its strong cerebral effects, Super Silver Haze is ideal for the medical treatment of Stress, anxiety and MS. It well suited to relieving the user of their emotional woes and burdens. It does have a slight pain reducing effect due to its skunk heritage, but it is not what comes through the most. It only really induces a slight body stone.

All three of its parent strains are powerful legends, as a result we tend to advise novices that are planning to smoke this or any of its children to proceed with optimistic caution. If you go in slow you should not get overwhelmed and thoroughly enjoy what it has to offer – there is no need to jump in head first, as we say, you can always have more, but not less!

As Super Silver Haze is such a prodigy of a strain, we thought it only fitting to introduce it into some of our own strains. We have produced four great quality strains from Super Silver Haze and they all exhibit the wonderful traits of its parent. These are Super Silver Haze, a fast acting and far reaching strain that takes you on a journey right into the depths of your mind; Amnesia Haze XL, a reworking and remastering of the ever popular Amnesia Haze, it has a strong psychedelic experience waiting for those who would try its fruits; White Widow Haze, a strain that introduces the famous White Widow into the mix, adding extra strength and potency; and finally Power Plant XL Autoflowering, our automatic option that has an equally strong physical and cerebral high. Hopefully this gives you a good idea of how much we think of Super Silver Haze, to introduce it into so many varied strains that each play to the strength of its sire – we are certain that we have created something that will suit your needs from this legend.

As it grows Super Silver Haze becomes a beauty to behold, the silvery trichomes make walking through a crop like walking through a snow flecked forest, it is easy to see where it got its name and is a wonder that many breeders enjoy. It is suitable to both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It will thrive in both soil and hydro setups. Flowering times indoors is usually 8-10 weeks. Outdoors it will bloom by late October in the northern hemisphere and by late April in the southern hemisphere. Because of the pungent aroma, Super Silver Haze often requires counter-measures and well thought out ventilation when grown indoors. Generally speaking, yields are roughly in the region of up to 550g/m2 indoor and 550+ g/plant outdoors.

As you can see, this strain is a leviathan, an absolute beast of a strain. It has sired many new strains and won awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998 and 1999. It is a complex hybrid that has a lot to offer. Its great qualities please everyone at every level of experience, both smokers and cultivators. We at Zambeza cannot recommend or sing its praises enough.