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Bubblegum is a very popular and famous cannabis strain; but it is one shrouded in ambiguity and mystery. It is thought to have originated from Indiana, USA back in the late 70's to early 80's where it circulated for a while building up a reputation. It was then passed onto a few separate breeders who brought them over to Holland in the 90's. From here its reputation sky rocketed and became renown for its intensely fruity tastes and euphoric highs. Since then it has sired innumerable amounts of children all in the hopes of passing on Bubblegum's awesome qualities.

It is rumored that the strain to first hit Holland was the result of some intensive breeding of the original “Bubblegum” with some undisclosed exotic sativas. It took five generations of this rigorous and selective breeding to conceive what is considered the first real Bubblegum to hit the markets of Holland. Over time it has also gone through some very selective inbreeding to further strengthen the strain and give reliable, uniform results. Of course, this information is based on rumor and here say, there is no definitive record of how the Bubblegum we know and love came to be, and exactly what its heritage is comprised of. These are the historical points that are widely accepted though.

The strain itself is a multi-award winning strain that so popular that it can be considered to be a “family” of strains in itself. It has an almost cult following of fans who crave the delights and qualities that Bubblegum and its children have to offer.

Amongst smokers Bubblegum is known for its unique, succulent tastes and its powerful euphoric high. Whilst famed for its strong sativa qualities, Bubblegum also induces a strong body stone. The mix of a soaring mind high with the soothing body buzz makes Bubblegum the perfect choice for all-round relaxation and release – great for sharing with friends and saving for yourself on a rainy day. From a medical perspective Bubblegum is known for reducing stress, anxiety and pain. It is very powerful and can easily help numb those in need of emotional and physical relief. A word to the wise though, pure Bubblegum is potent! If you are trying it for the first time make sure to take it slowly to begin with – get your bearings and ease yourself in comfortably, Bubblegum can quite easily couch-lock the unwary, (unless of course you want this!).

The taste and aroma of pure Bubblegum (and often its children) is out of this world. It has an aroma that can only be described like sweet, old school bubblegum. The kind most used to cherish as children, hence its name. The smoke is smooth and also has a strong, bubblegum flavor with earthy undertones. It is quite unique and it is easy to see why so many seek it and its hybrid strains out.

Obviously we here at Zambeza would be very foolish if we wouldn’t carry at least one variety with these excellent genetics, seeing that Bubblegum has so many fans out there, who love it passionately (and entirely deserved, we should add!) for all its great qualities. We’re happy to tell you, that we don’t just have one excellent choice available with Zambeza’s OG Bubble Gum, but can also satisfy autoflowering lovers out there with our OG Bubble Gum Autoflowering.

Zambeza’s OG Bubble Gum, as you possibly may have guessed already, is a very nice cross between Bubblegum and an OG Kush. This is a combination, which really brings out the best of both strains, where the famed and loved Bubblegum aroma meets an awesomely relaxing stone, a real “stress killer”! Some say, that smoking OG Bubble Gum is like a high-class culinary experience in some fancy restaurant and who would want to disagree with them? We surely wouldn't! Aside from the spectacular taste and a really good mix of relaxing effect and OG Kushy euphoria, she of course brings more qualities on the table, like her good yields and a short flowering time. Zambeza’s OG Bubble Gum Autoflowering gives you all these qualities as well, means you get the sweet berry flavour and superb high, but as a super fast autoflowering variety.

Bubblegum tends to grow in either one of two ways. As a tall pole like structure with minimal side branches or like a Christmas tree with much more ample branching. Should it be the first then it is generally recommended to encourage early flowering with clipping, a sea of green method is well suited to this. Those with branching can be left to mature, whilst this takes longer you will see much better results in terms of yields. Generally speaking, a pure Bubblegum plant will take 56-63 days to flower indoors and should be ready for reaping in mid to late October outdoors. Indoor yields are roughly 300-450g/m2 depending on conditions. It is a great choice for connoisseur cultivators and will be at home in anyone’s special collection. When grown indoors a soil based setup tends to yield the best results.

Bubblegum grows a beautiful bright green and becomes coated in bright orange hairs as it grows. A sheer abundance of crystals almost make it look lie it has been snowed on. It has packed colas and the plant structure is strong enough to support them. It is pretty impressive to behold.

Bubblegum is a strain of kings. It has won two awards at the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup, a second place award at the 1995 awards and a further second place at the 1999 awards. As you can see this strain has a lot going for it. It can be pretty hard to get hold of in its pure form, but we highly recommend trying out one of its children. We at Zambeza love it and are always surprised the the quality of its taste and high, it certainly makes us enthusiastic about its breeding potential. The soaring, euphoric highs, strong body stone and unique taste make Bubblegum an instant classic that still holds its own today, if you have not done so, then you have to try it out at least once – chances are you will be signing up to the cult.