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Super Skunk

Super Skunk was first released to the world in 1990. A group of breeders decided that they wanted to produce a Skunk strain like no other, one the likes of which the market had never seen before. Super Skunk is a strain that goes all the way back to its Afghan roots. It is the combination of the illustrious Skunk #1 with an exemplary version of its Afghanistan parent strain. To produce this beast of a strain took patience and perseverance. It is the result of a lot of hard work and trial and error – something often required when you are taking an already high quality strain to the next level. Their pain staking hard work paid off though, Super Skunk is a success in pretty much every way.

Those ingenious breeders created an award winning strain that still retains a lot of its admiration to this day. Upon its release in 1990 it instantly snapped up the High Times Harvest Festival award for the best indica dominant strain. It also stormed the market and became revered for its great commercial viability and connoisseur quality results. It became the new benchmark in Skunk genetics and has sired many new strains, remaining a favorite of Skunk veterans to this day.

Bred by Skunk lovers for Skunk lovers, Super Skunk has an effect that one would expect from its heritage and name. It is an extremely potent and strong body stone easily relaxes the body, melting pains and aches away. It has a strong capacity for couch-locking the user and also helps unshackle the mind, allowing it to sink into the depths of relaxation for a truly unwinding experience. It is perfect for the end of the day, when you get home exhausted from work and want to let the days troubles slip away within the comforts of your own home. A word of warning though, Skunks have a reputation for being incredibly strong, and Super Skunk is no exception. Novice smokers may find themselves out of their depth here and may want to take it slow when trying it. Take it easy, after all, there is no rush – and you can not un-smoke it once you have taken the plunge.

Medical users will find a lot to love here. Super Skunk is a favorite at many medical cannabis dispensaries and for good reason. The incredible strength of Super Skunk makes it a great treatment for chronic pain, anxiety, stress and arthritis, cramps, headaches and insomnia. If you happen to be a medical user, then it is well worth a try.

The aroma and taste are heavy and sweet. It has the pungent, penetrating aroma that is often associated with a Skunk strain. It requires some well thought out ventilation in order for a cultivator to remain discreet, and it will fight through all but the strongest of containers. It is a tantalizing experience to own some of this, you can feel the sheer quality of the weed even before it is smoked.

Super Skunk is truly a mammoth strain that deserves a lot of respect. We certainly appreciate and understand the fine qualities of Super Skunk here at Zambeza. It is at the root of many of our strains, adding its superior and unstoppable qualities to the large catalog we have. These include our popular Amnesia Haze XL, a strain with an intense cerebral high; White Cheese, a potent skunk strain with out of this world cheesy tastes and aromas and a powerful, couch-locking strength; Northern Light XL, a frosty strain from the frozen north that will relax you with its cool, refreshing and strong high; and Super Silver Haze Autoflowering, a strong automatic strain with fast growing times and a connoisseur quality Haze high. These are to name but a few of the strains that Super Skunk has had a massive influence in. It is a testament to the quality and pure breeding potential of this awesome strain.

This hybrid grows with a vigorous intensity. It is fast, with a thick stem and heavy branches that groan under the weight of the huge, dense buds it becomes covered in. As touched on before, it is a very commercially viable strain. It can yield up to 500gm/2 and has flowering times of 45- 50 days. These are extremely attractive figures for commercial cultivators, and when you consider they go hand in hand with the high quality of the product, Super Skunk becomes a very appealing cash-crop. Connoisseurs will also like what they see here, it is a strain that allows the cultivator to build up stores of very high quality weed, perfect for saving for those rainy days or circulating amongst a very select group of friends. These growing stats are another reason why we are very keen on Super Skunk here at Zambeza - our Happy Skunk is a perfect example of where the use of Super Skunk in our breeding has resulted in a high yielding, fast flowering strain.

As you can see, Super Skunk is a true god of the Skunk family. It is a pleasure to use and breed, it has a vast amount of high quality traits that make it a playground of possibility for our breeders - the fast growing times, intense yields and powerful highs make this strain well worth a look at. It has some seriously strong heritage that acts as a stamp of approval to nearly every strain it has sired. We can not sing its praises enough and implore you to give one of its children a try. It is in a vast array of different strain with varying tastes, aromas and highs – we are sure that there will be one to suit your needs.