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White Widow

White Widow is one of the most famous and commercially successful strains to ever come out of the Netherlands. It has a deep seated influence on many strains to this day and can often be found with in the selection of Amsterdam Coffee shops have to offer in one form or another. This is for good reason, the sheer potent quality of this strain skyrocketed it into the cannabis halls of fame upon its conception and it has been a solid favorite ever since – any breeder or commercial outlet would be a fool not to try to harness its power for themselves.

The history of White Widow is a somewhat vague and controversial subject, as is often the case with the most famous vintage strains. One thing that is agreed on though is the exceptional quality of its heritage, it stems from a Brazilian land race sativa being mixed with an Indian indica dominant strain – thought to be of Keralan origin. The resulting plant is an award winner that has very few flaws. Upon hitting the market in 1994, it swept the worldwide market and is still a very popular strain to this day.

The high White Widow tends to induce is complex and mystifying. The sativa dominance brings on a strong euphoric cerebral high whilst the indica heritage will slowly embrace your body and wash away its aches and pains. It is a great all round experience that is a testament to White Widows quality. You will often find it in a growers personal stash, to be shared with friends and top self clients. If you can get a hold of it then you will certainly want to share it with your close buddies – trust us when we say they will be thankful for it.

White Widow has a lot of popularity within medical circles. It is very well suited to the treatment of chronic pain, aches, migraines, arthritis, anxiety, stress and depression. Users generally find that one or two tokes will release their mind into the aether whilst giving them a slight body buzz, whilst having more will have a great potential to numb and couch-lock. This makes it a very versatile strain that can be utilized in many ways.

As with most powerful strains, we advise caution with its use, especially to newer smokers. White Widow is a potent and powerful strain that can easily overwhelm. What seems like a nice mellow and manageable smoke at first can easily become something more, that should not put you off though, just remember that if you are new to the strain to ease yourself in gently – there is no need to dive in head first.

Another reason White Widow is so popular is due to its fantastically sweet aroma and taste. You will find that the aroma has a penetrating potency to it, sweetening the fragrance of the room with is lush, spicy undertones. The smoke is pleasant and smooth, starting off light and getting heavier with each toke. The initial taste is predominantly spicy with its sweet nature coming through as an aftertaste. It is a top-shelf, connoisseur quality experience that leaves very few people disappointed – it is a large part of the reason White Widow has won the 1995 High Tiles Cannabis Cup for best bio strain.

As you can imagine, it only seems right as a breeder to try to include White Widow within our catalog of seeds, and we at Zambeza have worked very hard to do just that - our most prominent result being our own White Widow XL. She is the child of White Widow mixed with Ice and the match could not have produced a better result. White Widow XL is just that, an enhanced version of its namesake with all the superior qualities White Widow fans love. We have also produced the popular Blue Spider. It takes all the potency and sweet tastes of White Widow and combines them with the fruity flavor of Blueberry and the awesome yields of Power Plant XL, it is a true beauty and a must try for any who love sweet and fruity flavors that come with a powerful punch. The third non-autoflowering strain which inhibits the genetics of White Widow is White Widow Haze; a sativa dominant plant that will grow so strong and big that you might need a ladder to take care of it if grown outdoors.

To top it all off White Widow is an easy to grow, vigorous and a good yielding plant. It is fairly resilient to the cold, making her a viable option in outdoor situations in the northern hemisphere. Its general resilience and ease of growth makes White Widow, and generally speaking, its hybrids, a good choice for novice growers looking to cut their teeth on a serious first or second project – as long as you have a good idea what you are doing, it is fairly hard to grow badly. Whilst it can be grown outdoors in colder climates, where White Widow really thrives is in warm, indoor grow rooms. It grows with a compact stature to a medium height of around 1m. As it grows the plant grows numerous, fat buds and becomes coated in a white, crystalline resin that will impress most cultivators. The flowering time is around 9 weeks and yields can be in the region of 400+ g/m2 indoors and 100g per plant outdoors.

We have felt it is such a great strain to grow that we should expand our range to cater for automatic cultivators. As a result we have produced both White Widow XL Autoflowering and Little Dwarf Autoflowering. White Widow Automatic stays true to its White Widow origins, whilst Little Dwarf Automatic takes the strong mind highs of White Widow and combines them with the intense body stone of Super Skunk - to produce a very well balanced high within a short and stocky plant. Both of these auto varieties are well suited to the cultivator that is looking for an easy to manage strain with the added benefit of not actually having to commit much face time to their care – an ideal choice for guerrilla cultivators who can not spend too much times around their crops without risking unwanted attention.

This is a classic strain that has won its place in cannabis history with its fine pedigree and highly sought after highs. There are few strains out there that have the same reputation as White Widow, it has sired countless hybrids and is likely to be involved in the production of many more. It has stood the test of time and weathered it well, this award winning strain is sure to win a place in your heart with its ease of growth and versatile high that will suit the needs of just about everyone. We implore you to give it and its White Widow dominant hybrids a try.