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South African Sativa

South African Sativa was originally a land race strain that flourishes in the wilds of South Africa with little assistance, often in abundance around the port city of Durban where the cool, sub-tropical climate allows the strain to thrive. It is a popular strain that has been cultivated by local growers for generations with little need for change. It is a strong plant that has taken full advantage of its ideal environment to naturally develop into a reliable and good yielding strain. Being near a port city has had its advantages as well! It has allowed South African Sativa to easily spread across the world, reaching smokers, breeders and cultivators in every corner of every land.

South African Sativa offers a strong sativa cerebral high, a high that takes you on an intense journey to the far reaches of of your soul, provoking creative and contemplative thought, as well as stimulating conversation and good times with friends. It manages all of this with a comfortable warm body buzz and without the increased heart rate and bouts of paranoia that can sometimes accompany a strong sativa high. It is important that rookie smokers take their time here, South African Sativa has a reputation for being strong and the greener smokers will not want to take on more than they can handle, finding themselves lost outside their own body with no clear path back. In terms of medical use, the traits of South African Sativa make it a great option for treating stress, anxiety and depression. It is a really fun strain that will relax and unwind you whilst showing you the brighter side of life.

The smoke is a pleasant, smooth experience. It will tantalize your taste buds with classic earthy flavors and a solid citrus undertone. The bud itself has a very distinct citrus aroma, it is medley of lemon, lime and orange that will refresh and entice you.

Our breeders here at Zambeza thought South African Sativa would be a great match for our Power Plant strain, and they were not wrong! From this match Power Plant XL was born, a strain that takes the huge and reliable cash-crop yields of Power Plant, and adds in easier growth, a more energetic high and some succulent fruity flavors. Both Power Plant and South African Sativa are from the far reaches of South Africa, a country well known for its quality bud; so it will come as no surprise that their child is no exception to this, it is a true testament to the power and quality of South African strains and worthy of any sativa lover's time.

The original South African Sativa was a very uniform plant that grew tall and lanky, but with enough structural integrity to support a fine yield. Newer generations of this strain are a lot more dense and resilient, able to withstand greater variation in temperature as well as pests and malnourishment. This is due to the spread of South African Sativa away from the equator to reach around the world, where the strongest have survived and reproduced – natural selection at its finest. South African Sativa thrives in both indoor and outdoor situations. It takes around 50-70 days to flower to an optimal harvest depending on situation and settings.

This is a very special strain that we are proud to have harnessed at Zambeza Seeds. The strong hereditary sativa traits of this strain have made it an excellent base from the perspective of a breeder, an easy to mange delight for cultivators and a truly out of this world experience for even the most seasoned of sativa enthusiasts. If you fancy yourself as a sativa lover, whether you be a novice, veteran or connoisseur, then you should try something with South African Sativa in it – we highly recommend it!