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Big Devil 2

Originally from Spain, Big Devil 2 is the second generation of an already revolutionary autoflowering strain. It has been made to sate the hunger of many autoflower cultivators who were looking for even bigger and better yields than any previously thought possible. In order to accomplish this. one of the best yields autoflowering strains on the market was taken and refined even further. This was the famous Big Devil, and through some rigorous and selective breeding, Big Devil 2 was born and it offers up some of the best autoflowering yields to date.

Big Devil 2 has always had a great emphasis on producing large crops with little to no effort. It will induce a potent all-round stone that is solid and dependable – a good everyday smoke for those looking for their bread and butter strain. Where Big Devil 2 excels is in the vast yields it offers up to the cultivator. This makes it a good base for breeders to use and a decent, reliable bulk strain for the cultivator looking to build up some stores. Its great for social occasions with friends - when you are all chilling out and chatting the night away . The controllable but strong strength of the high makes it a good choice for novice smokers looking to ease themselves into the delights that await them. This is not to say that this strain is lacking. The strength of the high is commendable and can overpower those who treat it with abandon.

Medical users will appreciate the well rounded high, it can help reduce the symptoms of pain, anxiety and stress without full incapacitating you, allowing you to go about your day to day business.

The aroma and Taste of Big Devil 2 are widely praised. It has a strong skunk odor that is pungent and invading. The smoke is smooth with a delightful skunky taste with undertones of sweet fruitiness that linger on the tongue well after the toke and exhale.

As mentioned, the traits of Big Devil 2 make it a great base for our breeders to experiment with. It is easy to manage and offers very generous yields. These are some very appealing traits and are coveted by growers of all skill levels. We at Zambeza thought it only right to see what we could do with it. By combining it with Green Poison we have created a beast of a strain – Green Poison Autoflowering. It takes the beautiful tastes and aromas, fast growing times, bountiful yields and easy management of Big Devil 2 and combines it with the potent strength and high of Green Poison. The combination has been very effective, Green Poison Automatic can yield 500-650g/m2 indoors, brings on a heavy stone and only takes eight to nine weeks to flower. It is a strain that we are very proud of and one that we highly recommend should you be looking for a high yielding automatic.

Big Devil 2 is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. It can reach up to 1.5 meters in height – a true giant of the automatic world. It is a beauty to behold, it produces a gigantic central kola and has long, delicate looking deep green leaves. The numerous side branches produce compact, hard buds absolutely coated in thick resin. It takes about nine weeks from germination to produce an optimal harvest – and what a harvest! The yields can vary roughly between 400-600g/m2 indoor and from 50-300g per plant outdoors!

Big Devil 2 has a lot to love about it - we certainly do here at Zambeza. It is a great all-rounder and perfect for those looking for big yields with all the benefits of an automatic strain. Those with little time to put into the care of their crops will be delighted with the results they can get from this and its hybrids. It is certainly worth trying a strain with Big Devil 2 in if you are looking for an automatic that delivers.