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Maple Leaf Indica

Maple Leaf Indica is an almost pure indica strain with a most impressive pedigree, originating in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and already a legend by the late 1970’s. Fortunately for cannabis lovers across the globe, the precious Maple Leaf Indica genetics made a great escape and were smuggled out just prior to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Maple Leaf Indica is the choice of cannabis connoisseurs all over the World. Powerful, almost narcotic physical effects tend to creep up. The high begins with a pleasant uplifting head high before couch-lock kicks in. Novice marijuana enthusiasts should definitely pace themselves when enjoying the pleasures of this heavy indica ganja.

The distinct old-school flavour of this strain will keep you coming back for more. Full-bodied Kush flavour infused with a delicious combination of sweet and spicy undertones make the Maple Leaf Indica a real treat for the palate. It’s not every strain that can get you knock out stoned while there’s a party going on in your mouth at the same time.

But beware of “cotton mouth”, although the Maple Leaf Indica is some tasty bud, it is known to dry up saliva reserves rapidly, best enjoyed with a beverage to hand.

Indoor cultivators delight in cropping the Maple Leaf Indica. Even grown from seed this strain displays remarkable uniformity, with seedlings appearing similar to clones. This proves the pedigree lineage of this strain, descended from classic landrace Afghan Kush, subsequently backcrossed and further refined in the hands of European breeders.

The Maple Leaf Indica is a short and stocky bush of a plant to cultivate that flowers fast, typically between 50-55 days is all that required before harvest. Easy to grow even for beginners, this strain is definitely in the low maintenance category and performs well consistently.

Whether you’re a die-hard organic soil grower or a hydro wizard, the Maple Leaf Indica never fails to deliver. In the hands of experienced growers this strain can produce impressive yields of delightfully potent rock hard frosty nuggs, especially when cultivated with the SOG method. Expect yields of 400-600g/m² using a typical 600W HPS lighting system under optimal conditions.

Cannabis breeders adore the Maple Leaf Indica and here at Zambeza we feel the love for this unique strain and have used the Maple Leaf Indica to create two more flavoursome strains.

First of all the Candy Caramelo Fast Flowering is an elegant three-way cross of Maple Leaf Indica X White Rhino X Blue Black. Need sweet potent caramel buds in a hurry? Accept no substitutes it must be Candy Caramelo Fast Flowering. Welcome to flavour country, amigos.

Secondly the Candy Caramelo Autoflowering is another hybrid with a Maple Leaf Indica background. This autoflowering strain takes fast flowering to the next level without the usual compromises associated with such varieties. If the photoperiod Candy Caramelo with its 45 day bloom cycles wasn’t fast enough already, then the flat out 50-60 days total from seed to harvest of the Candy Caramelo Auto will blow you away.

Growers, breeders and connoisseurs can all agree that the Maple Leaf Indica is one of life’s rare delights. Every stoner should indulge themselves at least once with the legend that is the Maple Leaf Indica. Great things come in small packages.