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Before feminized cannabis seeds had been invented, growers could only really grow regular cannabis seeds and hope for the best. With regular seeds, each seed has about a 50% chance of turning out either a male or a female plant. Since growers are normally only interested in growing female plants for a later harvest, this meant that growers had to undergo a sometimes difficult and tedious identification process so they could keep the female plants and toss out the male plants. It also meant that each time when a grower obtained some seeds, only about half of them were actually viable.

This all changed when feminized cannabis seeds entered the scene in the 1990s. As the name suggests, feminized seeds will normally only grow female cannabis plants. Feminized cannabis seeds, therefore, tremendously helped to make weed cultivation not only much easier but also less time-consuming and a lot more economical.

Zambeza is now offering feminized cannabis seeds in bulk quantities that offer the grower all the benefits of an almost guaranteed female plant germination. Like our individual cannabis seeds, our feminized bulk cannabis seeds are seeds of the highest quality ensuring top germination rates for maximum growing success from seed to harvest.

Zambeza offers a wide range of feminized bulk seeds, including favourite popular feminized cannabis strains, classic and old-school feminized bulk cannabis strains as well as feminized CBD-rich cannabis strains available in bulk for medicinal users. Whether you’re interested in using cannabis for recreational purposes or happen to be a medicinal cannabis user who is looking for an effective, natural treatment for many types of ailments, feminized bulk cannabis seeds provide a convenient way to grow your own quality cannabis at a fraction of the price.

Here at Zambeza, we pride ourselves to only offer first-quality cannabis seeds and our feminized bulk cannabis seeds are no exception. Like our individual seeds packages, the feminized bulk seeds available at Zambeza have the highest germination rates and shine with excellent growing vigour ensuring maximum success for growing first-grade cannabis, hassle-free from the moment you plant your seeds until your rewarding harvest.

All of our feminized bulk cannabis seeds are shipped free of charge in neutral packaging, ensuring 100% discrete and anonymous delivery. Most of our orders are processed and shipped on the same day, so that you can start growing your seeds within only days after your purchase.