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The East Coast ganja extravaganza can be experienced by consuming the notorious Diesel varieties. In the city that never sleeps, countless hours have been spent developing some of the dankest genes, that we are honored to enjoy to this day. The history behind the Diesel goes back to its predecessors. Let’s begin with the Chemdog strain. It originated from Colorado, when a guy called “Chemdog” bought an ounce of weed for 500 dollars in the East Coast. He loved it immensely, so he ordered some more and discovered 13 seeds, which would become the foundations of the Diesel. We can also thank the legend by the name of “Weasel” who bred the Chemdog varieties. He called all the dank varieties “Diesel”. He liked the name better than Chemdog.

Weasel has created other strains, including the very popular “Sour Diesel”. The story goes that Sour Diesel, also called East Coast Sour Diesel, was created by mistake. Allegedly, the entire crop of ‘91 Chemdog was pollinated by Massachusetts Super Skunk, which created the Sour Diesel. Basically, Weasel noticed that the strain made people sour, hence the “Sour” Diesel. Regardless of the factual truth of the story, Diesel has cemented its name in the history of marijuana. Although, the story does not end here...

It’s impossible to tell the Diesel story without mentioning the OG Kush. Some say that the OG Kush is simply the sister of Sour Diesel, some say that it's a “‘91 Chemdog self-pollination”. The most accepted theory is that it’s a crossbreed between Chemdog and Lemon Thai x Old World Paki Kush, which was grown in California. It would explain the “Kush” in its name, as well as the OG that stands for “Ocean Grown”. Many can agree that the Diesel and OG Kush varieties share many similarities in taste and smell, such as the earthy presence, pungent aroma, diesel strength together with a citrus touch.

If you wish to grow the notorious Diesel, check out the NYC Diesel. It contains a high content of 19% THC. The feel is relaxed, as well as energetic. The uplifting energetic part definitely derives from the sativa genetics. The flowering time is about 65 days, which produces approximately 450-500g/m² indoors. If grown outdoors, it hits the 550-650g/m² mark. The height of the plant is about 120-150cm indoors and 140-190cm for outdoor growth. These genetics seems to work great in both environments. The high of the NYC Diesel will compare to the height of the tallest skyscrapers. Of course, if you are looking for a faster growing NYC Diesel, then accelerate that engine and grow the NYC Diesel Autoflowering. It delivers the dankest of the dank only in 55-65 days.

If you wish to experience the amazing cousin of Diesel, then Lemon Kush is a fantastic choice. The flowering time is around 55 days, the height is between 100-130 cm and yields reach 450-500g/m². If you grow it outdoors, prepare yourself to tame a 170-230cm beast! The strain’s physique shares similarities with it's Pakistani indica heritage, although it displays clear sativa traits of Chemdawg and Lemon Thai. You know what they say, “the bud doesn’t fall far from the dank”

The history is amazing, the weed is amazing, the experience is, well, amazing. Immersing yourself into the Diesel genetics will bring you luscious gifts. The Diesel has become one of the top genetics consumed and enjoyed by plenty. The uplifting energetic effect is great if you want to get things done, at the same time as the calming and relaxing components loosen your body and make you enjoy the ride. In any time zone, at any time, night or day, Diesel works wonders and does not restrict its potential to relaxation and euphoric creativity. So put the pedal to the metal and embrace the high power of Diesel.