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Chocolate Haze

Chocolate Haze is one of our proudest creations, so here is a little history on how we made this chocolaty beast - namely, from Chocolate Thai and Canaloupe Haze.

Vintage landrace Thai genetics from the 1970’s, after a careful selection process and many refinements over the decades, gave rise to the special Chocolate phenotype, that came to be regarded as the Chronic of the 1980’s. Old-school stoners originally got their hands on this classic stash in the form of Thai sticks, which of course could only be sourced via the black market. It was always seeded, never pure sinsemilla, but it was so different and so much more potent than the typical schwag available at the time. Fine Chocolate Thai sticks were a real score back in the day.

Cannalope Haze is a tropical sativa hybrid of original Haze and landrace Mexican sativa, noted for its pleasant melon and pine scent. The intense sativa high, that comes on fast often catches novices by surprise. Moreover the high often endures for hours before mellowing. Breeding the Chocolate Thai with such high potency Haze was the perfect partner to boost the THC levels without compromising flavour. In fact Cannalope Haze augments the flavour by lending sweet undertones to the Chocolate Haze.

Chocolate Haze is the sativa hybrid you have been dreaming of. The full-on cerebral sativa effects and indulgent chocolate taste make this strain a real hit with old-school hippies and millennial stoners alike. The modern cannabis landscape is dominated by indica genetics; our Chocolate Haze is the almost pure sativa strain that will change your opinion on sativa’s.

Marijuana has always been associated with consciousness expansion and perhaps it’s about time you make room for a high-grade sativa in the garden. Chocolate Haze is a far out and exotic all sativa hybrid without the extra long flowering time. For indoor cultivators, this strain is made for ScrOG setups. Chocolate Haze requires some taming, as she likes to thoroughly spread herself throughout the grow tent both vertically and horizontally.

Therefore training plants early is highly recommended as is outdoor cultivation. Chocolate Haze blooms abundantly in just 8-10 weeks, so you won’t be left waiting and frustrated by this sativa. This strain is beloved by sativa connoisseurs and home growers looking for a unique strain with some character. Sedative effects are the last thing one should expect from this sativa; prepare yourself to get high, really, really high! Chocolate Haze is an ideal companion for artists and writers or any kind of creative process.

Of course, once we developed the Chocolate Haze, we didn’t pat ourselves on the back and called it a day with our sativa hybridisation program. Far from it, we were positively emboldened, so we took her and looked for partners for our Chocolate Haze.

OG Chocolate Thai was the obvious choice and the perfect match for our Chocolate Haze. Our goals were the loftiest of cannabis breeders to further increase potency and enrich the chocolate flavour even more.

Rigorous hand selection of only the most choco-lishous phenos made it into the genetics of the perfected hybrid. Chocoholics and cannabis connoisseurs just may experience pleasure overload with our Choco Candy.

Choco Candy is more compact and friendlier towards novice cultivators than her parents. The high is euphoric fast hitting and totally sativa influenced as you would expect. 20+% THC levels are not uncommon from resin covered buds in just 65 days of flowering. Indulge your sweet tooth and fly high with the Choco Candy.