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BlueBlack is the result of the fusion of two cannabis legends: Blueberry and Black Domina. This unique hybrid is as tasty as it is potent. High THC and a diverse range of flavours are inherited from both parents, making this some true connoisseur indica bud.

Enriching our Blueberry with Northern Lights, itself another legendary strain, made the perfected version compact, relatively uniform, ultra potent and flavoursome. Blueberry is renowned for its fantastic berry taste and high THC levels. They don’t call her the premier member of the Blue family for nothing. Blueberry contributes not only tremendous flavour, but also a high flower to leaf ratio, which makes for a very tasty heavy harvest indeed.

Black Domina is a classic heavy Indica hybrid of the absolute finest stock, without exceptions. The diverse genetic background of the Black Domina is an all star cast of vintage marijuana strains. Blending four elite Indica varieties: Afghani, Hash Plant, Northern Lights and Ortega gave rise to the Black Domina. This is genuine indica royalty.

Black Domina plants grow fast and bush out vigorously with prolific budding. In contrast to the Blueberry’s fruity scent and flavour, the Black Domina has an almost peppery aroma. The taste is also in sharp contrast with a distinct combination of sweet and spicy flavours. Of course the yield as you would expect is high from the typical Black Domina harvest, but it’s also some of the frostiest nuggs on Earth.

Crossing Blueberry and Black Domina is taking breeding to the next level. BlueBlack is the heavy indica hybrid that has it all. Visually stunning tight buds dripping with resin, even more potent than both parents, with THC levels often in the 20+% region and a real knock-out, almost narcotic instant effect. Novice cannabis users can expect to be pleasantly couch-locked after just a few tokes.

We almost forgot to mention the flavour, and well, let’s just say BlueBlack tastes great. This combination is a real treat for the palate; this is that weed you thought was just a myth, because it really does taste like there is a party going on in your mouth when you enjoy a sample of the BlueBlack.

We at Zambeza simply couldn’t resist dabbling a little more with the BlueBlack. So we trust you will be pleased with two more killer strains we have developed using these amazing genetics.

The Candy Caramelo Fast Flowering is a profit-yielding sweet indica. In fact it's a blend of three of our very best indica strains: BlueBlack, White Rhino and Maple Leaf Indica. The wonderful taste and potent high of this strain are owed to the BlueBlack.

The Candy Caramelo Autoflowering is another hybrid with a BlueBlack component. Often autoflowering strains can be lacking in flavour and are less potent than photoperiod varieties. The Candy Caramelo Auto doesn't lower its sights. BlueBlack once again lends potency and taste to this strain. Expect tasty 15% THC nuggs in just 8 weeks.

It’s about time the BlueBlack stepped into the spotlight and claimed its rightful place on the cannabis throne. Introduce a little magic to your grow show with some BlueBlack seeds.