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Zambeza Booster Tablets Mixez Pack

Zambeza Booster Tablets Mixez Pack
Zambeza Booster Tablets Mixez Pack is an integrated set of boosters. Its growth and flowering formulas are designed to provide all macro and microelements plants need to stay healthy up to a rich harvest. Start with the Growth Booster for an optimal nutrient intake all over the vegetative phase. Then water your plants with the Bloom Booster Mixez for maximizing buds density in the flowering phase.

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Zambeza Booster Tablets Mixez Pack: Enhancer for vegetative and flowering period

The Zambeza Booster Tablets Mixez Pack is an integrated set of boosters for both the vegetative and flowering stages. These supplements’ formulas are designed to provide the plants with all the macro and micro elements they need to grow strong and stay healthy. The Growz Booster Tablet provides the environment for an optimal nutrient intake and a fast root system growth. Its components help increase resistances to diseases in the seedling and vegetative stage. The Bloom Booster Tablet Mixez is focused on increasing bud production and density during the flowering phase, pointing to the maximum yields for each variety.

The Zambeza Booster Tablets are designed to be easy to use. They are refined nutritional supplements, that can be used together with good quality fertilizers to obtain the best results. The Zambeza Organic Foodz are highly recommended because they are perfectly complementary with these Booster Tablets.

The Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet is formulated with a selection of effective organic bio-stimulants. Each tablet contains microorganisms and amino acids able to dramatically increase plant’s nutrient intake during the growing stage. Zambeza Growz Booster can be used throughout the whole vegetative phase, starting from sprouts.

The Zambeza Bloom Booster Tablet enhances plant's metabolism, resulting in an increased production of buds. This nutrient mix provides flowering plants the right amount of basic mineral nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium, and it also contains other beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium, which help strengthening the plant and preventing nutrient deficiencies.


Using the Zambeza Booster tablets Mixez Pack is so easy. Just dissolve a Booster Tablet in water, stir, and simply water your plants with this Booster mix.

During all the vegetative phase:

- 1 Growz Booster Tablet (3g) dissolved in 3-5 litres of water to prepare the Growth Booster mix.

During the flowering phase, up until 2 weeks before harvest:

- 1 Bloom Boozt Tablet (5g) dissolved in 5-8 litres of water to prepare Bloom Booster mix.

If you grow plants indoors, you can use the Zambeza Bloom Booster Mixez every time you water your plants, instead of plain water.

If you grow outdoors, simply use the Zambeza Bloom Booster Mixez once or twice per week. Just use regular water if more watering is needed in between.

The Zambeza Booster Tablets Mixez Pack can be used during all the plant’s lifecycle, up until 2 weeks before harvest. All watering with nutrients and blooming enhancers should be stopped around 2 weeks before harvest. In these final weeks of plant's life you should water them with regular water with a proper pH. This allows to flush any residue of nutrients from both the soil and the plant’s tissues.

You can store your prepared Growz Booster mix as long as 7 days, while the Bloom Booszt mix can be stored and used for about 10 days. After these periods you should prepare new batches of Growz or Bloom Boozt mix.

The Zambeza Booster Tablets Mix Pack is available in packs of 5 tablets (2 Growz Tablets and 3 Bloom Boozt Tablets).

Instructions for the use of Zambeza Growz Boozter Tablets

1.You can use the Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet as soon as you see the sprouts come out of the soil.
2. Dissolve 1 Zambeza Growz Booster Tablet in a tank containing 3 to 5 litres of water.
3. This is your Zambeza booster Mixez. Use the Zambeza Growz Booster Mixez to water your plants as much as they require during their entire growth stage.*

*You can store the Growz Booster mix for 7 days, and use it for watering. After that period you should prepare a new mix with fresh water.

Instructions for the use of Zambeza Bloom Boozt Tablet

1. Use the Zambeza Bloom Boozt tablet only once flowers are starting to develop.
2. Dissolve 1 Bloom Boozt Tablet in 5-8 litres of water and stir to make your fresh booster mix.
3. Use this booster MIX to water your plants up until 2 weeks before harvest. Water the whole cultivation soil evenly.*

*You can store your prepared Bloom Booster mix in a fresh place for 10 days. After 10 days, it is advised to prepare a new mix with Zambeza Bloom Boozt tablets. Stop feeding and water your plants with plain water at the proper pH during the last 2 weeks before harvest.


Growth Tablet Ingredients
Hydrolized protein 30%
Leonardite humic acid 20%
Lithothamnium seaweed 20%
Potassium sulfate 12%
Magnesium sulfate 3%
Calcium bi-carbonate 15%
Organic N 4%
K2O 4%
SO3 6%
Bloom Booster Tablet Ingredients
Monopotassium phosphate 65%
Calcium bi-carbonate 25%
Magnesium sulfate 10%
P2O5 30%
K2O 20%
MgO 6%
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