White Widow Automatic

White Widow Autoflowering by Zambeza Seeds is a stable crossing of a top quality autoflowering male Critical and a clone of the original White Widow. The plant produces broad, dark green leaves, that are covered with resin. The leaves ooze a delicate beguiling aroma when touched. The buds are dense, thick, big and hard.

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White Widow Autoflowering is the successor of the long time (15 years now) legend of the Coffee Shops in Amsterdam: White Widow. With the growing success of autoflowering dwarf plants, it was only a matter of time until some breeder would create an autoflowering strain from it. This crossing is a stable and uniform hybrid of a male Critical Auto and an old-school Colombian.


Driven by the genetics of sativa, ruderalis and indica, White Widow Auto grows to an average height of 60-90cm, entering the flowering period after only 10-11 weeks after planting the seed. Despite it's rather small size, it's a good yielder and produces 40-130gr of marijuana per plant. The THC and CBD levels are average, respectively high and the smoke has a seriously stoning effect. White Widow Auto is suitable for indoors, outdoors and greenhouse.


With White Widow Auto, Zambeza Seeds has created a real "one-hit-wonder" by more than one meaning; one hit and you wonder no more, for example. Sexual stability of a plant is the foremost important factor when breeding and after discarding impure plants, they succeeded. After two years of work, Zambeza Seeds managed to create this stable high quality Critical and White Widow hybrid, while keeping the characteristics of the original White Widow with it's bitter-sweet taste and the look of the whole plant with it's extreme resin production in this autoflowering strain. Remarkable is the difference in CBD content, which is higher and hitting with a harder body-buzz than in the original White Widow.


The leaves of the White Widow Auto are dark green and when the flowering is at it's peak, fully covered with sticky resin. When barely touched, the leaves exude a beguiling fragrance. The umbels are dense, thick, big and hard, with very few leaves inbetween. White Widow Auto, a powerful descendant of a very well-known and popular representative of the White family.


White Widow Automatic cannabis seeds

  • Flowering time 10-12 weeks
  • CBD Average
  • Genetics Critical+ Auto x White Widow
  • THC Average
  • Effect Stoned
  • Height 60-90 cm
  • Yield Large

    By Prudenzio C. on 22/Oct/2013 :

    Title : White Widow Auto
    Comment : Tutto ciò che si può amare di una White Widow racchiuso in una sola, eccezionale e vigorosa varietà autofiorente. Di fatto, questa varietà ha superato in qualità il suo predecessore. Mantenendo una grande abbondanza di resina ed un elevato livello di THC, questa pianta produce molto di più, con effetti molto più potenti di quelli dei membri della sua illustre famiglia. La White Widow Auto si adatta a coltivazioni indoor, outdoor e in serra e produce fino a 40-130 grammi per pianta in solo undici settimane. I coltivatori, a lungo fedeli alle varietà White Widow, saranno felici di aver trovato una grande alternativa in questo suo discendente autofiorente.

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Genetics - White Widow Automatic

To create White Widow Automatic we have used the following genetics:


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