Power Bud

A team of growers travelled from the Netherlands to South Africa during the 1990s, in order to collect genetics that they could add to their library. They used their collection of genetics to bring forth an almost pure Sativa (16% Indica) created solely with their collection of genetics.

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Travel broadens the mind - that is surely what could be said about a group of Dutch growers' trip to South Africa in the 90s. Being passionate about cannabis, they collected some unique South African genetics that allowed them to enrich their marijuana library. Using the collected seeds, once back home, they managed to produce an almost pure Sativa, with just 16% of Indica genes. It became an instant hit in the coffeeshops all around Amsterdam and can still be easily found today as the Power Plant.

Trying to give the famous plant a second youth, we have created the Power Bud - the new, facelifted Amsterdam's favourite, born from the cross of South Afrian Sativa and the classical Power Plant. The plant itself grows tall - 100-120 cm indoors, easily reaching 2 m outdoors if it gets enough sunlight.

The original Power Plant was considered a typical commercial cash crop, as it provided huge yields with little effort. Zambeza Seeds is happy to announce, that our feminised Power Bud lives up to its cousin. Grown indoors, it yields between 45 and as much as 65 g per plant, averaging 650g per square meter with a 600 W lighting. Given nice weather and enough nutrition it could produce up to 100 g if grown outdoors.

On top of being high yielding and easy to grow, Power Bud has a flowering period of just 8-9 weeks. All of these makes it a perfect choice for commercial growers looking for a quick cash crop. The plant structure makes it a great choice for SOG and ScrOG techniques, as the spacing between internodes is all filled with delicate nuggets. Worth considering also for those with little or no experience in cannabis growing, as the plant requires relatively little maintenance.

The smoke from Power Bud provides a sweet and sour sensation, similar in taste to lemon and lime, with a gentle aftertouch of refreshing pine flavour. Average content of THC and CBD makes it induce a delicate high, causing one to feel invigourated and energetic. Zambeza Seeds feminised Power Bud is an easily grown cannabis strain that will give you massive buds with pleasant taste and nice active high - what else can one want?

Power Bud cannabis seeds

  • Flowering time 8-9 weeks
  • CBD Average
  • Genetics South African Sativa x Power Plant
  • THC Average
  • Effect High
  • Height 100-120 cm
  • Yield Extra Large

    By Melissa M. on 22/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Fácil
    Comment : Este fue nuestro primer pedido para nuestro nuevo negocio de cultivo de cannabis. ¡Hemos encontrado lo que estábamos buscando! Hemos cultivado la nuestra en el interior y ha crecido perfectamente. Nos ha parecido genial para los principiantes del cultivo de cannabis. Ha sido muy fácil, y los resultados, incluyendo el colocón, son perfectos. ¡Gracias por ayudarnos a empezar un nuevo negocio rápidamente! Nuestros clientes están muy satisfechos y pidiendo más. ¡Probaremos más variedades con nuestro próximo pedido! Gracias por vuestro gran servicio.

    By Daniel B. on 01/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Sehr schnell!
    Comment : Wenn es um schnell, einfach und zuverlässig geht, ist Power Bud die Wahl vieler gewerblicher Züchter. Diese Sorte ist wegen ihrer Veranlagung sich ihrem Umfeld anzupassen so beliebt, aber noch mehr, weil sie sehr gute Erträge einfahren kann, wenn sie in Hydrokultur aufgezogen wird. Power Bud ist auch eine relativ schnelle Erzeugerin, die nach nur 60 Tagen 150 Gramm pro Pflanze abwerfen kann. Raucher genießen den gut ausbalancierten physischen und zerebralen Rausch dieser Sorte. Diese Pflanze ist ein toller Alleskönner für Anfänger, aber auch für Experten.

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Genetics - Power Bud

To create Power Bud we have used the following genetics:


South African Sativa was originally a land race strain that flourishes in the wild of South Africa, mainly around the city of Durban. More info


Introduced into the market in 1997, Power Plant is a sativa dominant hybrid fast with a fast growing time and early out door finish. More info


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