Happy Skunk

A total classic strain that set the genetics for most of the marijuana seeds available in our time. Originally, a combination of Mexican, Afghan and Colombian land races created the 25% Indica genetic 75% Sativa that formed a new cannabis.

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A classical Skunk, created as a mix of various cannabis strains from Afghanistan, Mexico and Colombia, opened a whole new chapter in the history of marijuana. Being a 3/4 Sativa and 1/4 Indica, its original genetics became the basis for a generations of new breeds. Throughout the years, a lot of work has been put into it, leading to the birth of Happy Skunk, with even sweeter taste and bigger buds. We are proud to introduce the feminised seeds of this strain to the Zambeza Seeds offer.

Indoors, Happy Skunk from Zambeza will grow well above 1 meter, reaching as much as 120 cm, producing a single great cola. Rather straightforward in cultivation, requires little maintenance and care. During the flowering period it does not stretch much sideways, altogether making it a non problematic plant that yields huge buds. Due to that ease, it makes it a perfect choice for Sea of Green and Screen of Green techniques, both using soil and hydro systems.

Single indoor Happy Skunk plant yields 45-55 g on average (around 500g per square meter + 600W light). More than 100 gram can be expected if it is grown outdoors, provided it receives enough sunlight. Given the short flowering period, it is a recommended choice for outdoor growers in northern latitudes.

After 7-8 weeks of flowering it will be ready for harvest, though an extra week will make the smoke even stronger. The ease of cultivation, big tasty buds, relatively short flowering period and high yields earned it a well deserved reputation for a cash crop, very popular among commercial cannabis growers.

Despite average levels of THC and CBD, the smoke produces an immediate high and a more lasting effect of being stoned. Fruity, sweet taste and aroma, makes our feminised Happy Skunk a real pleasure to inhale, whether from a bong or a traditional joint. With tonnes of the stuff smoked around the world already, no one was ever disappointed with the Zambeza Seeds Happy Skunk.

Happy Skunk cannabis seeds



  • Flowering time 7-8 weeks
  • CBD Average
  • Genetics Super Skunk x Acapulco Gold x Colombian Gold
  • THC Average
  • Effect Stoned & High
  • Height 100-120 cm
  • Yield Large

    By Nikola J. on 21/Aug/2014 :

    Title : Die beste marijuana!
    Comment : It survived very harsh winter, and gave excelent, clear cerebral high.

    By Cécile B. on 23/Oct/2013 :

    Title : la livraison est rapide
    Comment : Nous adorons cette nouvelle version d'un classique. Skunk est populaire dans notre région et cette variété est en train de devenir la préférée de nos clients amateurs de Skunk. Pour nous cultivateurs, le rendement est énorme, pour les fumeurs, l'effet est excellent. L'arôme est intense, tout comme l'effet. La commande est facile et la livraison rapide. Notre produit est arrivé discrètement et à temps. Nous recommanderons chez vous.

    By Argento M. on 11/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Happy Skunk
    Comment : Para aquellos que buscan una buena planta de cannabis con un fuerte sabor skunk y que está cargada de preciosa resina y de cristales de THC, la Happy Skunk es un buen lugar para comenzar. Esta cepa crece bien tanto en interiores como en exteriores y, por lo general, produce 45-55 gramos por planta. Otro característica muy deseada de esta planta es su rápida floración de sólo 53 días. Gracias a su combinación de aroma skunk y relajante subidón de larga duración, la Happy Skunk es probablemente una de las mejores plantas para todos aquellos que quieren un buen cannabis polivalente.

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Genetics - Happy Skunk

To create Happy Skunk we have used the following genetics:


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