Rude Bud Automatic

The majority of our feminized autoflowering strains are very easy to grow. But Rude Bud is our autoflowering strain that is the easiest to grow.  Just like our autoflowering strain Little Dwarf, Rude Bud is a cross between strong Indica strains.

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Autoflowering, feminised varieties of cannabis are always meant to be easy to grow - they do, however, require some sort of attention and maitenance anyway. With some strains being less demanding than others, there could hardly be one more straightforward and foolproof than Rude Bud.

Our Rude Bud is an autoflowering strain similar to the famous Little Dwarf. It was developed as a cross breed between a strong Indica plant - Happy Skunk - and the natural autoflowering cannabis ruderalis. The genetics it inherited from the ruderalis enables it to mature virtually anywhere, flowering just weeks after planting. At the same time, the Indica trait makes the smoke produce a strong, physical effect.

From a seedling to a fully grown female, Rude Bud requires just 8 weeks, with some plants ready for harvest as soon as after 7 weeks. Being an autoflowering variety, it does not grow high - a mature plant reaches just 50-60 cm. That makes it a perfect choice for growers with limited space, both in indoor setups and those wishing to keep their outdoor location secret.

Despite its modest size, Zambeza Seeds Rude Bud gives decent yields of between 30 and 40 g per plant. Sweet and strong, the smoke is average rich in THC and CBD and bears clear resemblance to its skunk origin. Perfect choice for growers looking for a plant that will produce high quality marijuana without much hassle and care. The ease of growth makes feminised autoflowering Rude Bud worth considering especially for the unexperienced farmers.

Rude Bud Automatic cannabis seeds

  • Flowering time 7-8 weeks
  • CBD Average
  • Genetics Ruderalis x Happy Skunk
  • THC Average
  • Effect Physical
  • Height 50-60 cm
  • Yield Medium

    By Stuart R. on 17/Nov/2014 :

    Title : rude bud auto
    Comment : I am currently on week 6 of flower and this plant has surpassed my expectations its thrown the rule book out the window my rude bud is almost 80 cm tall with big chunky super frostie buds from bottom to top its got a gorgeous aroma I'm excited to see it finish out in next 34weeks. I would definatly recommend anybody interested in growing good quality genetics to check the 10 packs out great viraity also get a good mix of Sativa's indica's and hybrids..

    By Uberto D. on 22/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Semplice da coltivare
    Comment : Siamo coltivatori alle prime armi e abbiamo effettuato qualche ricerca. Siccome siamo agli inizi e abbiamo poca esperienza, abbiamo trovato che questa varietà di Cannabis sia semplice da coltivare. Come principianti, la nostra necessità di un raccolto in tempi rapidi è grande. La Rude Bud mantiene le promesse. La fusione è grandiosa e torneremo a fare importanti ordini al più presto! Siamo clienti soddisfatti. Amiamo la varietà di semi di Cannabis che proponete.

    By Belle M. on 11/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Rude Bud Auto
    Comment : Les débutants à la recherche d'une plante avec un bon parfum complet qui provoque un bon effet physique vont adorer Rude Bud. Cette variété s'adapte bien à la plupart des installations de culture, dont l'hydroponique. Le rendement est assez bas, avec 40 grammes par plante, mais le contenu en THC est élevé, et les capacités auto-fleurissantes facilitent la culture. C'est aussi l'une des variétés les plus petites, ce qui en fait un excellent choix pour les cultivateurs à l'espace limité. Globalement, c'est un bon choix pour ceux qui espèrent atteindre un produit de haute qualité sans avoir à fournir beaucoup d'entretien.

    By Tom F. :

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Genetics - Rude Bud Automatic

To create Rude Bud Automatic we have used the following genetics:


Cannabis ruderalis is the sister of Cannabis sativa and indica. Ruderalis is known for its autoflowering capability. More info


Happy Skunk is a strain created by Zambeza. It’s a crossing between Super Skunk, Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold. More info


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