Northern Force Automatic

Being one of the most popular strains of cannabis worldwide, Northern Force is a mainly Indica strain that was bred from Afghani genetics in the 1970s, in the United States of America. Northern Force came to Holland in the 1980s.

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Hardly any serious grower or cannabis connoisseur have not heard about the Northern Light. This Indica dominant variety originated from the genetics brought to the USA from Afghanistan back in the seventies. A decade later, the plant arrived in the Netherlands, quickly becoming the first choice for indoor cultivations. Much has changed since then - new growing techniques became widespread, requiring different characteristics from the plant. Combining the good old strain with the modern technology, we have created the ultimate mix - autoflowering Northern Force.

Our Northern Force seeds are both feminised and autoflowering. The genetics of the plant, apart from the classical Northern Light, include traits of Ruderalis and Power Bud. It is a perfect choice for indoor growing, as well as outdoor cultivation. It begins the flowering period virtually from the moment it sprouts, allowing it to mature after just 9 to 10 weeks.

Zambeza Seeds Northern Force is definitely one of the best achievers in terms of yield among all available autoflowering cannabis strains. Reaching above the autoflowering average to 90-120 cm, it is certainly a well sized bush, which is reflected in the size of the crop. Growers in sunny areas report yields of up to 200 g, while indoors each plant average approximately 90 g.

With average high levels of THC and CBD, our Northern Force is similar in taste and effect to the original Northern Light. It produces a relaxing, pleasant mind effect, with a full flavour, sweet smoke.. Simply a great, autoflowering relative of the legendary Northern Light. The ease of growth and comfy feel makes it a good choice for patients of medical marijuana.

Northern Force Automatic cannabis seeds

  • Flowering time 9-10 weeks
  • CBD Average High
  • Genetics Ruderalis x Northern Light x Power Bud
  • THC Average High
  • Effect Relaxed and full of flavor
  • Height 90-120 cm
  • Yield Extra Extra Large

    By jan H. :

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    By Marius D. on 18/Nov/2014 :

    Title : Heiliges Kanonenrohr!
    Comment : Also ich habe mir die Samen bestellt und war etwas skeptisch wegen der glatten Lieferzeit von einer Woche. Als ich die Verpackung in der Hand hielt und diese öffnete entfuhr mir ein." OH GOTT!" Aber das weil ich wirklich allein schon von der Positiven Verpackung und den Beilagen überrascht war. IMMER WEITER SO. Freu mich schon auf die Pflanzen und mal sehen was draus wird.

    By Stuart R. on 17/Nov/2014 :

    Title : northen force
    Comment : I grew this from seed to flower another very good quality plant strong and hearty was pretty impressed with its size and production I let mine go just over 12 weeks and it just put me to sleep definately a nightt ime smoke just before bed you can take it down at week 9 for a more relaxed high but I personally tend to let all my autos go longer than stated and I use a 60x magnifier to check trichomes like to go bout 30% amber and the rest are super cloudy ...

    By Jasper K. on 29/Aug/2014 :

    Title : NF Outdoor
    Comment : Deze plant is ontkiemd geweest ergens midden April. Groei gebeurde zeer snel, mooie plant. De beloofde 10 weken zijn wel met een serieus korreltje zout te nemen. Hier stonden ze al 13 weken, maar wegens 4 dagen hevige regen moest deze om (budrot kreeg de bovenhand). Na drogen had ik van 3 planten zo'n 50 gram droog (had op meer gehoopt). Dus het is een leuke plant, maar niet zo geschikt voor buiten, en zeker niet de snelste. SMOKE: Zeer weinig smaak eigenlijk, maar dat kan ook omdat ze nog maar net droog zijn. Smaken kunnen veranderen na het curen. De stoned werd hier ervaren als kort, maar hevig. De zon werd enorm fel, en de tijd ging zeer traag :D

    By Jordi P. on 23/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Erg goed!
    Comment : Wij zijn dol op deze autoflowering cannabis soort. Onze klanten zijn dol op de buzz en wij genieten van de overvloedige opbrengst. Het is een geweldige stressverlichter voor diegenen die stress moeten verminderen. Automatische planten zijn nieuw voor ons, maar we ontdekken snel hoe snel en eenvoudig ze te kweken zijn. Het bestellen bij jullie was een super ervaring en we zullen zeker terugkomen. Groetjes van een tevreden klant!

    By Laura B. on 22/Oct/2013 :

    Title : Northern Force
    Comment : Northern Force is a very popular strain amongst cannabis growers, and there is a reason they love it. This full flavored variety produces a decent yield of 90-200 grams per plant. It is a great choice for beginners wishing to find a plant that will begin flowering almost instantly, reaching its full potential in just 67 days. This plant flourishes in outdoor growing set ups but is versatile enough to be a prime producer in indoor environments as well. This is a great alternative to Northern Lights, and its sturdy resistance to pests and disease makes it a great candidate for growers of all levels of experience.

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Genetics - Northern Force Automatic

To create Northern Force Automatic we have used the following genetics:


Cannabis ruderalis is the sister of Cannabis sativa and indica. Ruderalis is known for its autoflowering capability. More info


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