Rosin Hash, How To Prepare and Make Your Own

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Rosin Hash, How To Prepare and Make Your Own

In a world of 24-hour convenience, fast and cheap is often very appealing but is usually too good to be true. Rosin hash breaks all those rules by being fast to produce, cheap and extremely tasty!

Rosin is the new kid on the block and like all new kids, the girls want to get with him and the guys want to be like him. Or in our case, cannabis users want to try it and cannabis enthusiasts want to make it themselves. Well, be jealous of that new kid no longer, as we show you how to make and prepare your own Rosin hash - without the risk and the expense of other concentrate production methods, like the extremely flammable butane used in BHO hash or the financial implications of Co2 oil production.

What is Rosin Hash?

Rosin hash is simply the end result of applying heat and pressure to cannabis buds. Yields range between 10-15% using plant matter and even more with dried kief. With yields similar to other extraction methods but without the risk of tainting the end product, this makes this form of cannabis concentrate a simple and inexpensive method that anyone can use. In terms of appearance, rosin hash is a sticky gum-like substance, golden in colour with a lot of similarities to BHO.

How To Make Rosin Hash

One of the great and appealing traits about rosin hash is that during the heating process many of the terpenes are are also extracted. These are the compounds within cannabis that gives the plant its many distinctive aromas and flavours. For the first time user, it is advised to use a strain you are familiar with or particularly enjoy as these flavours and aroma's will come through when consuming your concentrate.



Hair Straightener or Flat Iron
Non-stick Parchment Paper
Collecting Device
Cannabis buds – roughly 0.2cm to 0.5cm in diameter
25u Micron Screen

Note: If you don't have a screen, it is possible to do this without, it just makes the process easier, especially if you are using ground bud or kief.

1. Preheat your hair straightener or flat iron to 200*C or 340*F. Typically, the lower the temperature, the more flavours are returned but 200*C is a good middle ground to start with.

2. Cut your parchment paper into strips roughly double the width of the hair straightener you are using. Wrap your chosen cannabis buds in the micron screen, and then place this in the middle of the parchment paper and fold over so that the cannabis is now sat wrapped the micron screen and the middled parchment paper.

3.  Place this onto the hair straightener and clamp down applying pressure for 3-5 seconds. Ensure you centre the cannabis on the hair straightener to get even heat distribution.

4. Remove your parchment paper and unfold to reveal your newly acquired rosin. You will see a gum-like sticky substance on the parchment paper. This is the rosin that has been pressed out of the bud, through the screen, and onto the paper. Remove the bud and use your collecting device to scrap the rosin off of the parchment paper.

5. Then it is simply a case of rinse and repeat until you have collected as much rosin as needed. Make sure to use a fresh piece of parchment paper each time, but that really is all there is to producing your own rosin!