Top 4 Highest-Yielding Cannabis Strains From Zambeza

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Top 4 Highest-Yielding Cannabis Strains From Zambeza

Growers pour lots of time and effort into their cannabis plants. Accurate feeding schedules, watering, and expensive lights are all employed to accomplish one primary goal: optimal yields. Whether your crop is situated in a high-tech grow room or flourishing garden, there are many steps you can take to improve yields.

Aside from making sure all basic needs are met, pruning plants is a tried and tested way to increase output. Pruning may seem like a sadistic pastime to the untrained eye, but in reality, defoliating fan leaves results in more prolific growth. Low stress training (LST) is another technique that appears medieval but significantly ramps up production. Bending and strapping down branches allows growers to open up the canopy and let more light in.

Other growing methods used to improve yield include screen of green (ScrOG), topping, and fimming. All of these methods make a big difference, but they can only do so much. One of the key factors behind heavy yields is genetics. Specific strains have been selectively bred over generations to produce the largest return possible. From here, the most fruitful phenotypes are bred together to give rise to strains with incredible production potential.


The strains below are a fine example of such genetics. Let us introduce four of the highest-yielding strains by Zambeza Seeds.


Many smokers are familiar with Super Silver Haze, especially those lucky enough to have visited the coffeeshops of Amsterdam. This productive sativa-dominant specimen was conceived using genetics from Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights. This superstar lineup infused the progeny with some of the best genetics under the sun. She features a hot and heavy THC content of 21%, delivering an invigorating high that will keep you engaged and productive all day long. Her sweet, spicy, and citrusy tastes will have you salivating and coming back for more.

Sure, the high is amazing, but the most impressive trait of this strain is her yield. Super Silver Haze performs best indoors under tightly regulated conditions. Here, she’ll easily put out up to 700g/m². What’s more, she’ll accomplish this feat without exceeding 110cm in height. Plants grown outdoors still provide a rewarding harvest, climbing up to 230cm and pumping out 650g/plant.


Blue Brilliant is the progeny of Super Silver Haze and the scrumptious Blueberry. She combines her sativa predecessor's productivity with the tantalising taste of her indica ancestor. She’s an ideal variety for connoisseur smokers who appreciate and analyse the flavour of every hit. These terpene-rich buds stain the tongue with hints of sweet blueberry whilst delivering a refreshing sativa high. Her effects zap the brain immediately, sending cognitive function into overdrive. Blue Brilliant is a fantastic party strain that encourages a talkative and giggly mood. She’s also an attractive strain to commercial growers who value yield over all other traits.

Combining LST and topping with Blue Brilliant genetics is a fail-safe recipe for a massive harvest. Indoor plants can be grown in small and concealed spaces, maxing out at a manageable height of 110cm. Despite her small stature, she’s able to generate an impressive 500–600g/m² harvest. Plants grown outdoors ascend to a taller height of 180cm and produce up to 650g/plant.


Green AK XL provides something that many strains don’t: a favourable size-to-yield ratio. Her diminutive stature means she can be grown in the most discreet of locations. She’s a prime candidate for modified buckets and computer towers. Usually, this level of secrecy comes at a cost. But Green AK XL is still able to provide large yields regardless. This specimen was created using landrace varieties from all around the planet, from Mexico to Thailand. Aside from her titanic yields, cultivators are drawn to this strain for her energising sativa effects and earthy-pine flavour.

Green AK XL can be kept at a height of 80cm indoors when topping and LST are implemented. She offers a yield of up to 750g/m² after a flowering time of 55 days. Outdoor plants grow to taller heights of 140–180cm and produce bounties of between 550–650g.


Power Plant XL descends from a line of cannabis native to South Africa. The flowers of this sativa variety are like a loaded spring, and the application of a flame releases the coil. This potent cerebral high blasts its way into the brain, where it elevates the mood and shatters boredom and apathy. This desirable effect is accompanied by contrasting notes of sweet, sour, and pine. Powered by 20% THC and a unique terpene profile, novice smokers should tread lightly with this one.

You won’t have a single curing jar spare after harvesting this cultivar. Indoor specimens erupt during the flowering phase, reaching 80–110cm in height and squeezing out a yield of up to 750g/m². The same can be said for outdoor plants, with harvests of 500–600g from 2m-tall plants.