Top 5 Feminized Sativa Cannabis Strains

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Top 5 Feminized Sativa Cannabis Strains

If you’re one a sativa-lover looking for a new strain to grow at home, you’re in luck. In this post we take a look at the 5 top feminized sativa cannabis strains.

Sativa strains are cherished by cannabis connoisseurs across the globe for producing uplifting, cerebral effects without the heavier sedation often found in indica-dominant strains.

If you’re one of these sativa-lovers looking for a new strain to grow at home, you’re in luck. In this post, we take a look at the 5 top feminized sativa cannabis strains.


White Widow XL

White Widow XL has been a best-selling Dutch export strain since its creation in 1994. Recognized across the world as a classic strain, White Widow has also been used in the production of other hybrids, such as White Russian, Blue Widow, and White Rhino.

Characterized by fast flowering times, impressive yields, and a top-shelf final product, it’s not hard to see why this strain is so popular among cultivators across the globe. It is a relatively easy strain to grow and produces reliable results even when cultivated by novice growers.

These plants reach heights of roughly 60-90cm indoors and 120-150cm in an outdoor environment. Average harvests range between 500-600g per plant, and the average flowering time for these plants is roughly 60 days.

White Widow XL buds are treasured for their aroma, taste, and powerful effects. The taste of these buds is best described as slightly spicy with subtle sweet and sour undertones. The aroma, on the other hand, is quite earthy and woody, and very pungent.

The buds are characterized by a thick, frosty layer of trichomes and long, bright orange/red pistils.

The effects of White Widow XL are very characteristic of it’s sativa-dominant genetics. With an average THC content of 19%, expect to feel a very happy/euphoric cerebral high while also enjoying some subtle physical relaxation.

This strain is perfect for everyday use and won’t leave you locked to the couch. Instead, some users consider its effects very creative and inspirational.



Characterized by a strong heritage crossing Afghani, Mexican, and Columbian genetics, Skunk first made its debut in the 1970s. Since then, it’s become a treasured strain by cannabis connoisseurs across the world.

Zambeza’s Skunk variety is perfect for both novice and veteran cultivators looking to have a steady supply of their strain in their home.

This variety of Skunk is known to produce reliable results and is treasured for its short flowering time and impressive yields.

When grown indoors, these plants will generally reach heights of 80-110cm. Outdoors, however, they can grow between 150-200cm tall. Average yields range between 550g and 650g per plant, and plants generally boast a flowering time of only 55 days.

The strain is very stable and adaptable. While it is best suited to European grow climates, it can easily be grown outside of Europe and continue to produce impressive results. This Skunk variety is can also be grown in greenhouses.

The flavor, aroma, and appearance of Zambeza’s Skunk is very reminiscent of the original strain available in the 70s. The flavor is characterized by powerful spicy notes, while the smell is, well, very “skunky” and pungent, with slight earthy undertones.

The buds are usually covered in a thick, sticky layer of trichomes and speckled with bright orange pistils. They are usually quite dense and short.

The effects of Zambeza’z Skunk variety are perfectly balanced. As a sativa dominant hybrid with an average THC content of 17%, this strain produces a happy, euphoric, and relaxed high. Again, don’t expect to be glued to your couch. Instead, prepare for a strong, long-lasting cerebral high.


Blue Brilliant

Blue Brilliant is an interesting cross between Super Silver Haze, an award-winning sativa, and Blueberry, an iconic indica with a strong heritage dating back to the 70s. It preserves the best of both of its parents while boasting slightly improved genetics that mainly affect the strain’s grow cycle.

Preserving many of the original Super Silver Haze genetics, Blue Brilliant features a variety of improved genetics, including a much shorter flowering time.

Like Amnesia Haze, this strain features a slightly longer flowering time. However, it promises to produce impressive yields of some outstanding buds.

Blue Brilliant plants usually only grow between 80-110cm in an indoor environment but can grow upwards of 140cm when grown outdoors. Yields average 500-600g per plant in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The flowering time for Blue Brilliant is roughly 65 days, a huge improvement from the original 11-week flowering time of Super Silver Haze. This makes for a strain that is easy to grow for any experienced cultivator as well as novice growers.

Blue Brilliant produces spectacular buds, characterized by a strong, fresh aroma with notable hints of blueberry. They feature a noticeably sweet taste, making for an ultra smooth smoke that's very reminiscent of Super Silver Haze.

The buds are usually light green in colour and, when left to mature fully, often take on beautiful blue hues. Unlike other sativa dominant strains, Blue Brilliant is known for producing dense buds thanks to it’s part indica genetics.

This strain produces many of the much loved cerebral effects of Super Silver Haze. Expect to be happy, euphoric, and left with enough energy to creatively approach music, art, or even work tasks from a slightly different angle.

With a THC content of 20%, Blue Brilliant’s effects will usually set in almost instantly and can last for a couple of hours. Like with any good sativa-dominant hybrid, however, this strain won’t leave you glued to the couch.


NYC Diesel

Last on our list of the best feminized sativa strain is NYC Diesel. This powerful sativa-dominant hybrid features extremely strong genetics consisting of Diesel, Hawaiian, Shiva, and Northern Lights.

It produces spectacular buds which are treasured for drawing the perfect balance between the physical relaxation associated with indica strains, and the cerebral creativity produced by sativas.

NYC Diesel plants are relatively tall, growing between 120-150cm indoors and roughly 140-190cm outdoors. Yields average around 500-600g per plant, although outdoor harvests may be slightly larger.

Like Blue Brilliant and Amnesia Haze, this strain has a flowering time of roughly 65 days. It is an extremely stable and reliable strain, and will prove to be easy growing for both novice and advanced cultivators. All it generally needs is decent fertilizer, clean water, and a solid light source.

NYC Diesel is well adapted to European climates but can easily be grown in other parts around the globe with little-to-no extra care.

The buds produced by these plants feature a distinct diesel aroma that’s extremely pungent and features subtle citrus notes. When smoked they boast a strong taste reminiscent of other diesel strains.

NYC Diesel boasts a THC content of roughly 19% and produces what many might find to be “the perfect high.” If you’re looking for a bit of extra motivation to tackle work or even get outside and perform some exercise, this strain is perfect. However, it’ll also provide the right kind of relaxation you might need at the end of a long day without directly sending you to sleep.


Amnesia Haze XL

Amnesia Haze XL is a classic sativa strain with complex genetics that have been traced back to Jamaican, Hawaiian, and Asian landrace strains.

While not ideal for inexperienced growers, this strain is treasured by veteran growers for producing high yields of exceptional weed.

Featuring slightly longer flowering times, these plants produce some extremely high-quality buds treasured for their aroma, taste, and strong cerebral effects.

In an indoor environment, Amnesia Haze XL will grow between 100-130cm tall; outdoors, on the other hand, the plant is known to grow between 170-200cm. Yields are impressive, ranging from 600-700g per plant.

Flowering time can reach 65 days, and the plants are known to require a bit of extra care to reach their full potential, meaning this can be a difficult strain to grow for novice cultivators. That being said, the end product is well worth the extra effort.

Amnesia Haze buds are renowned for a delicious spicy citrus aroma with subtle earthy undertones. They also feature a unique spicy lemon flavor, and are relatively thin and light compared to the buds of some of the other strains featured in this post.

With a whopping THC content of roughly 21%, this strain creates a very powerful cerebral high, typical of sativa strains. It is a very social strain, making it great for daytime use, leaving users happy, euphoric, yet still relaxed.