Top 5 Strains For Making Hash

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Top 5 Strains For Making Hash

Making high-quality hash requires strains that produce an abundance of resin. Each of these strains is sky-high in resin-bearing trichomes, and each offers something different in terms of cannabinoid profile and flavour.

Hash is the ultimate old-school cannabis concentrate. It’s been used over thousands of years to produce a hard-hitting and euphoric state of altered consciousness. The extract can be made in the field using one's bare hands to rub cannabis resin into large spheres called temple balls. Alternatively, hash can be made by pressing dried kief into coins and blocks. Whichever way you prefer to enjoy this ancient yet highly effective concentrate, these 5 strains are ideal options for doing so. They produce large amounts of resin, delightful flavours, and can truly be deemed "hash plants".

Misty Gorilla1. MISTY GORILLA

Misty Gorilla is Zambeza’s version of one of the most sought-after and famous hybrids around: Gorilla Glue #4. However, what sets Misty Gorilla apart from the legendary original is her immense resin production and slightly sweeter and more sugary flavour profile. This strain is absolutely one for the cannabis connoisseurs due to her unique blend of extremely potent highs, exquisite tastes, and superb hash genetics. She was forged in the breeding room using parent strains Chem Sis, Diesel, and Sour Dub, three varieties associated with ecstatic and buzzing psychoactive highs. This pairing produced a hard-hitting strain that oozes with resin and produces THC levels in excess of 27%. Even a small hit will leave users feeling euphoric, relaxed, and creative, sensations that eventually taper into a warm and soothing body high. Her frosty flowers also produce scents and tastes of chocolate, coffee, pine and earthiness.

Misty Gorilla produces excellent results for hash makers when grown both indoors and outdoors. Indoor plants grow to heights of between 90–160cm, produce yields of up to 550g/m², and feature a flowering time of approximately 55 days. Plants grown outdoors will reach slightly taller heights of between 130–170cm and produce yields of up to 600g/plant.

Misty Gorilla growing and genetics information:
THC ± 27%
GENETICS Diesel x Chem Sis x Sour Dubb
HEIGHT In. 90 - 160cm <
    Sativa - Indica
    Pungent, Earthy>, Pine
    In. 500 - 550g/m2 Out. 550 - 600g/pl
EFFECT Cerebral and Relaxed

Lemon Kush2. LEMON KUSH

Lemon Kush is a refreshing and zesty strain that will provide batches of hash loaded with tastes of lemon citrus. This specimen is the result of genetic harmony between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush. Each member of this powerful triad contributes unique traits to this powerhouse of a strain. Chemdawg transferred high THC levels and hints of diesel, Lemon Thai bestowed its sativa buzz and tastes of lemon and mint, and Pakistani Kush added high resin production into the mix, perfect for hash making. Lemon Kush features a nicely balanced blend of indica and sativa genetics, resulting in a high that relaxes the body into a state of mellow bliss whilst sparking creative inspiration within the mind. Sparking some hash from this strain before sitting down for long periods of work will surely help you to perform well and maintain focus. A THC level of 18% makes for an effective high that isn’t too intense.

Lemon Kush achieves much different heights depending upon growing environment. Indoor plants are relatively compact and grow to 100–130cm, producing impressive yields of between 450–500g/m². Outdoor plants grow to significantly larger heights of between 170–230cm and produce hefty yields of up to 550g/plant. Lemon Kush has a total flowering time of around 55 days.

Lemon Kush growing and genetics information:
THC ± 18%
GENETICS Chemdawg x lemon Thai x Pakistani Kush
HEIGHT In. 100 - 130cm < Out. 170-230cm
      Indica dominant
      Fresh, Spicy and Lemon
    In. 450- 500g/m2 Out. 450- 550g/pl
EFFECT Stoned, Focused and Relaxed

Vanilla Ice3. VANILLA ICE

If you want a hash stash infused with flavours of sugar, sweetness, and vanilla, then get a few Vanilla Ice seeds into the soil. This indica-dominant taste factory was formed by mixing a legendary lineup of parent strains: Northern Lights, Skunk, and Afghani. Vanilla Ice produces compact and dense flowers that appear frosty due to the sheer volume of resin. Hash crafted from these buds is stoning, relaxing, and makes a perfect smoke before bed to ensure deep and restful sleep. Vanilla Ice produces a THC level of 17%, which results in a moderate and relaxing high.

Vanilla Ice produces rewarding yields both indoors and out. Plants grown indoors within grow rooms or tents will max out at 600g/m², yet maintain easily manageable heights of 60–90cm. Outdoor plants grown within pots or garden beds will achieve yields of 450–550g/plant and peak at a height of 200cm. Vanilla Ice will be ready to harvest after a flowering time of 55 days.

Vanilla Ice growing and genetics information:
THC ± 17%
GENETICS Skunk x Northern Ligths x Afghani
HEIGHT In. 60 - 90cm Out. 170-200cm
    Indica dominant
    Pungent, Earthy, Pine
    In. 550 - 600g/m2 Out. 450 - 550g/pl
EFFECT Relaxed, Stoned and Focused

Crazy Cookies4. CRAZY COOKIES

Crazy Cookies is a heavily indica-dominant strain utilised by hash makers seeking a stoning and therapeutic end product. Crazy Cookies contains THC levels in excess of 24%, resulting in immediate highs that linger for hours and send waves of heaviness over the body. With this strain, stress is a thing of the past. These effects were made possible by breeding parent strains Cookies and OG Kush. The flowers pump out thick layers of resin that make the strain a good option when looking to roll temple balls. This hash offers an incredibly smooth taste of sweetness, earthiness, and spice.

Crazy Cookies is a good option for indoor growers dealing with limited amounts of space. She’ll grow to compact heights of between 50–100cm whilst still producing significant yields of up to 650g/m². Outdoor plants grow to taller heights of between 150–200cm and are capable of producing up to 700g/plant. You’ll be ready to forge some hash with this strain after a flowering time of 55 days.

Crazy Cookies growing and genetics information:
THC ± 24%
GENETICS Cookies x OG Kush
HEIGHT In. 50 - 100cm Out. 150-200cm
    Indica dominant
    Sweet, Earthy and Spicy
    In. 500 - 650g/m2 Out. 500 - 700g/pl
EFFECT Couch lock, Stoned and Relaxed

White Widow Haze5. WHITE WIDOW HAZE

Both White Widow and Haze are two strains known by cannabis users all across the world. They amassed this fame due to their electric, sativa-fuelled highs and strong mood-elevating properties. White Widow Haze is the result of merging these two strains, a breeding project that was destined to succeed. These sticky and compact flowers possess a THC content of 20%, culminating in a stimulating high that is ideal for a wake-and-bake session along with some blaring music and a shot of espresso. Hash made from this strain is imbued with strong tastes of tropical fruits and sugar.

White Widow Haze will be ready to process into hash after around 65 days of flowering. Plants cultivated indoors produce yields of up to 550g/m² and grow to heights of between 80–110cm. However, White Widow Haze reaches her full potential outdoors, where she can grow to towering heights around 300cm and produce mammoth yields of up to 700g/plant.

White Widow Haze growing and genetics information:
THC ± 20%
GENETICS White Widow x Haze
HEIGHT In. 80 - 110cm < Out. 230 - 300cm
      Sativa dominant
      Fruity, Tropical and Sugar
    In. 600- 750g/m2 Out. 550- 650g/pl
EFFECT Relaxed, Stoned and Happy