Top 5 Auto Zambeza Strains For Cold Climates

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Top 5 Auto Zambeza Strains For Cold Climates

It's possible to cultivate cannabis just about anywhere. Growers who live in cold climates might be put off by the short growing season; however, autoflowering genetics are well-equipped for these conditions. Explore five of the best autoflowering strains to grow in cold climates.

Cannabis is a hardy and versatile plant. Its various subspecies are a testament to its ability to adapt and thrive in difficult conditions. This is good news for growers all over the planet—it'll survive just about anywhere.

The most cautious of cultivators are those who live in northern latitudes. These growers are typically concerned about the short growing season, harsh weather, and rapid onset of autumn and subsequent first frost.


These worries are understandable. However, cannabis is more than capable of providing rewarding yields in these climates. Sure, towering sativa varieties with lengthy flowering times aren't exactly compatible. This is where autoflowering genetics come to the fore. These cultivars feature rapid flowering times, impressive resistance to cold weather, and don't require a change in the light cycle to enter the flowering phase.

The autoflowering trait stems from a subspecies native to Central Asia and Eastern Europe—_Cannabis ruderalis_. Ruderalis developed the ability to flower extremely fast, without a change in light exposure, to adapt to the conditions of these regions.


Although they boast this advantageous strait, pure ruderalis strains aren't exactly desirable. They produce little in the way of flowers, and their cannabinoid content is poor. However, ambitious breeders have hybridised these genetics with some of the most potent and productive photoperiod strains to create fierce and fabulous autoflowering varieties.

Some of these varieties are particularly resistant to the cold, making them ideal for growing outdoors in northern latitudes and mountainous environments. The five autos below will produce satisfying yields, no matter how bitter things get.

Green Monster autoflowering1. GREEN MONSTER AUTOFLOWERING

Green Monster Autoflowering laughs in the face of cold temperatures. Her hardy genetics can handle excess rain in harsh climates, and her sturdy stems and branches remain steadfast against strong winds. The variety was created by crossing Green Monster, Big Devil 2, and a ruderalis variety. The indica-dominant specimen features the key traits of her predecessors, including Green Monster's stress-busting effects. She boasts an average THC level, peaking at 15%. Her dense and perfectly tapered buds provide a soothing, stoning sensation that sets in almost immediately. The physical effects offer therapeutic relief from low mood, suppressed appetite, and aches and pains.

Green Monster Autoflowering is a productive cultivar. Plants cultivated outdoors in cold climates will reach a height of 110cm and produce up to 120g/plant. She'll be ready to harvest only 55–65 days after germination.

Vanilla Ice Autoflowering2. VANILLA ICE AUTOFLOWERING

Vanilla ICE Autoflowering has made the delicious tastes and stoning high of Vanilla Ice available to growers in cold environments. The "ICE" within her title is an abbreviation for "Indica Crystal Extreme"—a testament to her abundant trichome production. Breeders created the original Vanilla ICE by crossing legendary strains Northern Lights, Skunk, Shiva, and Afghani. The addition of ruderalis contributes to a rapid growth cycle and a stealthy stature. The strain produces a medium THC level that fuels a mellow body high. She can be used throughout the day to ease anxiety and elevate the mood.

Vanilla ICE Autoflowering provides a hasty harvest in regions where summer can quickly turn frosty. She maintains a short height throughout the entire grow cycle, and can easily blend into companion plants to avoid detection. She'll put out a medium yield only 8–9 weeks after germination.

Power Kush Autoflowering3. POWER KUSH AUTOFLOWERING

Power Kush Autoflowering will produce a serious stash of soul-warming indica flowers for the cold, long winter ahead. The hard-hitting indica variety was created by blending Power Kush with a ruderalis variety. The progeny maintains a relatively high cannabinoid content while offering a significantly quicker harvest. Her tall and narrow blossoms produce a THC level of 14% and exert a relaxing yet lucid indica high. The diverse and pungent terpene profile within the buds makes Power Kush exceptionally moreish. Tastes of sweet, sour, and spice stand out in the mix.

Power Kush Autoflowering will wrap things up well before the first frost, putting out a harvest of up to 150g/plant 55–65 days after germination.


White Widow XL Autoflowering brings some sativa genetics to the party. Breeders crafted this cerebral variety by crossing the productive White Widow XL with ruderalis. A THC level of 15% catalyses a stimulating high that floods the mind with creative thoughts and inspiring ideas. These flowers make an excellent smoke on rainy days when it's time to pursue creative projects or chores. Intense and contrasting flavours of sweet and sour augment these uplifting effects.

The "XL" in this strain's name isn't an exaggeration. She's capable of producing up to 250g/plant when cultivated outdoors in the elements. Get ready to harvest her bounty only 70 days after germination.


Green AK XL Autoflowering is one of the most productive autoflowering varieties bred by Zambeza. This indica-dominant lady is a wise choice for growers looking to obtain a large yield over a short period. She produces small flowers that deliver an abundance of orange pistils and feature orange-brown sugar leaves. These visually pleasing buds produce a THC content of 14% and offer a high that diffuses tension and helps to induce sleep. Aromas of pine and fruit complement her therapeutic effects.

Green AK XL Autoflowering grows to a height of between 70–110cm outdoors. She'll put out a harvest of up to 150g/plant as quickly as 60 days after germination.