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The Shiva strain is often hailed as one of the most powerful and potent indica strains ever conceived, heralding in an age of breeding that still influences many cultivators and smokers to this day.

Named after the Hindu god Shiva, this strain captures many of the revered qualities of this God. The God Shiva is often represented by a stone smooth lingam instead of a carved statue. This is to symbolize the sheer power and pro-creativity this God holds, a power and potency that replicated in this awesome strain. It is thought that the properties of cannabis were first discovered by Shiva whilst He meditated amongst ganja plants. So it is only fitting that one of the most widely regarded, potent and classic strains be named after Him. Of all the Hindu gods, Shiva is depicted the most often enjoying the wonderful and fruitful properties of cannabis and many of his worshipers use hashish in their religious ceremonies. This is a deity that any cannabis smoker can look to with admiration, a patron of those who enjoy a good smoke.

Shiva was first originating from Afghanistan and first cultivated at the illustrious Cannabis Castle in Holland during the 1980's. The sheer quality of Shiva made it an instant hit globally and became, (and still is), a solid foundation in many hybrids that have flourished over the last 30 years; including our very own NYC Diesel here at Zambeza.

As touched on before, Shiva is a strong strain that is known for adding a knock out punch to the hybrids it sires. It is a cushioned blow though, that will not leave you jarred or uncomfortable if you know how to roll with a punch. The high from Shiva is often described as one of the most relaxing and dreamy experiences you can obtain from cannabis. It is as if the God Shiva himself has come to take away all of the worldly burdens from your shoulders and let you simply float away in a euphoric cloud. However, whilst this unbridled power can take you softly to new heights of relaxation, novice smokers should look upon this strain with restraint until they have learnt how to harness this power for themselves. The God Shiva is widely known as The Destroyer and the greener smokers out there will learn why first hand if they do not treat his namesake strain with respect. As a result Shiva has always held strong medicinal properties, great for treating anxiety and stress.

Shiva is a fairly easy to manage strain with many desirable cultivation qualities that breeders bring forward into their hybrids. It can flourish in a hydro set-up as well as a soil-based sea of green. Flowering times are roughly 60-65 days and it is hardy, able to survive outside in all but the coldest climates during the summer. All of these qualities mean even the most novice of cultivators should not struggle and make it the perfect base for hybrids.

These are the reasons we have chosen to grasp this untold power and mold it into our own hybrids. Our breeders understand the strength and potential of Shiva and through patience and skill have matched it with other strains that complement and enhance the cultivation and smoking experience on offer.