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Fast Bud

Fast Bud is known for being one of the fastest autoflowering strains around. It offers cultivators the option of being able to grow strong, reliable crops with minimal supervision in a very fast time frame. Something that is extremely appealing to the commercial and guerrilla cultivator; and of great interest to many others. Not only is it one of the fastest growers around (hence the name), it is also got a reputation for producing exceptional quality product that can be seen as bit of a rare treat to the consumers. This is partly because for all of Big Bud's excellent traits, it is a bit of an underdog, widely overlooked and not readily available. We guarantee you though, this is not in anyway an indication of its quality. Fast Bud is a diamond in the rough!

Fast Bud is known to be a hybrid of all three major cannabis families, indica, sativa and ruderalis. However, not much information is widely available on its origins. Many a seasoned smoker may be able to detect a bit of its lineage through its aroma and taste, but there is no hard evidence. One thing we know for sure is that it has the ever popular and renowned Diesel firmly in its heritage. The taste buds do not lie.

The THC content of Fast Bud is in the region of 16%. This makes it a good solid strength. It is not one that will knock your socks off with one hit, but will eases you into its sweet embrace. If you want to get a bit of extra strength than Fast Bud can make a decent hash for that extra kick! The effect is mainly a mellow by insistent body stone with a smaller cerebral creative uplift. This makes Fast Bud a perfect choice for a bit of mind and body relaxation – sitting on the couch contemplating life, enjoying the sun outdoors whilst looking for inspiration or sharing with friends for a good and sociable chat, long into the evening; all of this without having to worry about being couch-locked (it will do though, if you want). This makes it a good choice for novices, don't get us wrong, it is powerful but has a potential margin for forgiveness with greener smokers but it can still overpower the reckless and unwary into a solid couch-lock.

In terms of medical use, Fast Bud's body stone makes it a good choice for relieving the symptoms of pain, whilst the cerebral high can alleviate some of your emotional woes such as stress and anxiety. It is a good base for medical hybrids and if you find one with Fast Bud in it is well worth a try.

Fast Bud has a very potent aroma that can overpower a grow room and show cultivators first-hand how well their ventilation set-ups work. Cultivators need to be very careful in order to not draw unwanted attention in built up areas. The aroma and taste strongly exhibit its Diesel heritage with sweet and exotic flavors. The smoke itself is a gentle and smooth experience with no bad aftertastes or burn. It is a true delight.

Here at Zambeza we have taken full advantage of some of the unique qualities Fast Bud has to offer, qualities that other breeder often overlook. We have introduced it to Blueberry and together they have produced a wondrous strain called Blueberry Autoflowering. This strain takes the already established strength and grow times of Fast Bud and combines it with the succulent flavor and extra punch of Blueberry. It is a real treat and we encourage any fan of either parent to give it a try.

Fast Bud tends to grow fairly short, rarely reaching above one meter. However, as it grows it produces an abundance of side branches that become loaded with fat, juicy buds. Great for those looking for high yields – it is a good potential commercial investment, or even for a large personal store of a good daily smoke. As mentioned, Fast Bud has a lightning quick turn around, with optimal harvests being around seven and a half weeks after germination. This is extremely quick and should give a good indication as to why we are so interested in it as a plant for breeding. In terms of yield, Fast Bud tends to produce about 400-500g/m2 indoors and 20-60g per plant out doors. A very reasonable yield for such a fast turn around!

As you can see, this normally overlooked strain can be a serious player if you give it the chance. We have seen its potential and have not been disappointed. If you are looking for a fast growing, easy to manage strain with potentially powerful highs then you should look no further, find a strain with Fast Bud in it and embrace it as your own.