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Ice was conceived during the mid 1990's when there two very prominent favorites on the market in Holland. Red Skunk, a high yielding strain that lacked in quality, and White, a low yielding strain of gourmet quality. With an obvious gap in the market and two very favorable strains at hand, a group of experienced breeders set to work to bring the intense buzz and quality of White together with the high yields of Red Skunk. Through rigorous selective breeding and hard effort they brought about what would be a momentous strain, Ice.

Upon its conception and distribution to the market, Ice blew the competition away. It wielded a strong but manageable buzz, intense flavors to please the connoisseur and heavy, densely budded branches that gave just as heavy yields, it was truly a wonder to behold and was the birth of a legend. As you can imagine, here at Zambeza we recognized the potential this strain has to offer and we jumped on board, refining and introducing Ice to some of our other selective strains. This has resulted in beauties such as Northern Light XL – a true wonder and classic of the weed world.

Ice is a 50/50 sativa indica hybrid that has not only brought the qualities mentioned above together, but also the best of both a sativa and indica high. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some Ice or one of its children then you can expect an instant and heavy physical stone and an up, social and talkative cerebral high. A prime example of this is our own White Widow XL, a behemoth of quality and widely admired by the connoisseur market for its fresh tastes, clear but heavy highs and smooth, clean smoking experience. A great choice to share with friends, relaxing in your garden on a sunny afternoon just watching the world go by and allowing your mind to run free with engrossing conversation.

When medical users look to Ice they see a strain that relieves symptoms at the forefront of their psychological and physical discomfort. It is exceptionally good at treating stress and anxiety whilst the strong physical stone helps alleviate chronic pain – a good all round emotional and physical relaxer. If you are looking to help fight the symptoms of insomnia then you may want to look else where, the cerebral buzz will not help you drift off to sleep.

Ice not only has the admiration of the wider market of smokers, but also the hash connoisseurs as well. It holds a special place in the hearts of hash makers. The resinous buds become coated in frosty crystals that inspired its name, this makes it perfect matter to use in the creation of hash and the great qualities of Ice never fail to come through.

A true bred Ice has a flowering time of roughly 8 – 10 weeks and grants a yield of about 400g/m2. It is not the most hardy of plants and requires a warm climate to flourish. Ice tends to grow about 1m in height with large, indica like leaves.

We are extremely enthusiastic about Ice and its potential, we hope that this information can convey how great a base plant it is to you, inspiring a passion for it and its children within you too. We couldn't wait to introduce this to some of our other strains and try out the results for ourselves. If you are looking for a strong but manageable body and mind high then you should be looking for Ice in your strain of choice's heritage. Ice has been the winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup (1998), so you know that it, and any strain it sires is going to be exceptional.