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Power Plant

Introduced into the market in 1997, Power Plant is a sativa dominant hybrid that has been bred from Dagga, a sativa dominant strain that South Africa is famously known for. Unlike tropical sativas, Dagga, and its child Power Plant, are characterized by their fast growing times and early out door finishes. It will comes to full fruition in early Autumn in most climates and even faster in the warmer areas like the Mediterranean. This makes Power Plant a favorite for commercial cultivators and an essential plant for us to experiment with here at Zambeza.

Other well known qualities of Power Plant are its ample yields and connoisseur quality product. It is a very strong all rounder that offers up soaring cerebral highs. This makes it a great smoke for situations when you still want to be able to physically function, but let your mind unlock its creativity and passion. Saying this, you may find that its strength makes it a little to much for an active settings, such as work; but come the evening when you are kicking back, enjoying a drink with friends or knuckling down to do some creative writing, this is the strain to look for. Its medical properties lean towards the treatment of stress and anxiety due to its mainly cerebral high. It can be effective at relieving some pain, but it is certainly not the focus of this strain; it excels at unburdening the user of emotional woes.

We have been so impressed with it here at Zambeza that we have combined it with a couple of our fruitier strains to create Fruit Juice. It brings you all of the high yields, fast growing times and strong cerebral highs of Power Plant; an extra kick for the famous White Widow, and the sweet, fruity aromas and tastes of Blueberry, a taste that can be devilishly hard to find and one that is highly sought after by connoisseurs. If you have not sampled its delights then we highly recommend you do – it is one of our proudest accomplishments.

As mentioned, Power Plant brings on a powerful, clear headed buzz that is great for both social and soul searching occasions. The high THC content can make it a little to arm-strong for some and can find themselves on a borderline trippy experience. This makes Power Plant and its child strains ones that need to be treated with respect by greener smokers if they are going to fully enjoy them. It is a particularly smooth smoke, a trait we are very fond of. If you are lucky enough to get you hands on a pure Power Plant you will be graced with sharp peppery tastes and a potent earthy aroma. The aroma can be so strong that indoor grow rooms need proper and well thought out ventilation in a lot of situations.

The ease of growth has always made Power Plant XL Autoflowering a viable commercial opportunity for commercial cultivators and a great learning experience for novices. This allowed Power Plant to sweep the market as it had something for everyone. We have followed through with this trait and introduced it into Power Plant XL, one of our own strains. It is still a very South African dominant strain, holding many of the traits of Power Plant, but with a little extra zest added in. It is a great option for those looking to sample Power Plant, but are unable to get hold of this historic strain – it is almost like Power Plant's second coming.

This ease growth means Power Plant can thrive and adapt to many settings. It will be equally happy indoors as it is outdoors. It flourishes in both soil and hydro methods of growth and works well in both Sea-of-Green and Multi-Branch setups. If left to its own devises Power Plant has been known to grow three or four big buds and an abundance of smaller popcorns. If it is pruned then the breeder is ends up with multiple compact, but fruitful buds. Plants tend to grow to 70cm with slender, green, 7-pointed sativa leaves. Its rapid growth sees fruition in roughly 56-63 days.

As you can see, Power Plant has a lot to offer and is a plant of opportunity for a breeder. Its myriad of awesome traits has made it almost a perfect all-rounder – popular with connoisseurs, commercial, novice and veteran cultivators and users alike. If you see Power Plant in a strain's heritage then you know you can expect all of these great traits to appear in one form or another, and it will not disappoint – it is called Power Plant for a reason, it is practically unstoppable!