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Colombian Gold

Colombian Gold is a rare treat that is hard to find in its pure form these days. It originated from the Santa Marta and is thought to be a result of mixing specially selected landrace strains from the mountainous regions there. It dates all the way back to the late 1700's where records show it was used by Simón Bolívar as he trekked around the amazon, trading herbs and spices with natives.

Colombian Gold is known for its smooth smoke and zesty, floral flavor. It has a fairly complex taste that does not hit to hard – definitely manageable in the correct hands. The aroma also has a citrus, zesty quality to it, but with strong undertones of skunk; a trait that can now be found in many modern sativas. It is a good pungent aroma that penetrates its containers. As a result it is always a good idea to have effective ventilation in grow rooms to help prevent unwanted attention during its cultivation.

When smoked, Colombia Gold induces a strong and clear sativa head high. It gets you alert and active, giving you a positive mental attitude without physically bogging you down. It is a great choice for sociable occasions, and those who like to share with friends will benefit from a strain with Colombia Gold in its heritage. It also tends to be a great choice when you need to get a job done or unlock a bit of creativity. You can drown out background distractions and focus on what is at hand. The strength is powerful but manageable. Novices should not have to much of a problem as long as they do not go overboard. The high lasts about 2-3 hours, so it can be a great treat at any time of the day (if you are lucky enough to own some), without having to worry to much what you plan to do later.

These traits have allowed us to breed a very special strain that not only pays homage to Colombian Gold, but also Acapulco Gold, another rare and illustrious strain from the past. By combining them with Super Skunk we have created Skunk, a powerhouse strain that itself has become the parent of many others. It has a hardy resilience and offers a well mixed effect – equally offering a strong body stone and crisp cerebral high. If you are looking for the ultimate in mind and body relaxation than you should look no further than Skunk.

In terms of medical use, Colombian Gold can be great for treating anxiety, stress and help relieve symptoms of MS and mild pain. The main attribute of this strain is its ability to focus the mind, motivate and help along in social situations.

Suitable for cultivation in warmer outdoor climates, Colombian Gold still does well in greenhouses and in indoor grow rooms. It is a large plant that grows with a strong vigor and is very resilient to fungus and pests. It has many branches that can offer up a good size yield of up to 600g/m2. The THC content is roughly 19.3%, so it is a strong one, but not unmanageable. Flowering time is roughly 9-10 weeks for full fruition.

Colombian Gold is an old classic that is rarely seen in its pure form these days. We at Zambeza have used it to create a strain worthy of its name and heritage so that it can live on. If the information we have given you sounds like the kind of strain you want to try out then we implore you to look for this legend in your strains heritage. It has a lot of influence on many of today’s stains and is an all time classic. Many of the older smokers and cultivators fondly remember when it took the 70's by storm and became an instant hit. Try it if you can.